upgrade 17" tft to 19" tft, is it worth it ??

  acein1 20:08 10 Aug 2006

is this upgrade worth it,will i notice a great differance,also what do you think of "built in speakers",i dont listen to loud music, just radio many thanks in anvance for your opinions

  anskyber 20:20 10 Aug 2006

Difficult. For me the answer is yes, it gives a larger desktop to move windows around. The real advantage for me is the ability to display photographs at really large sizes. I previously took slides but this is very close to that real world look.

If its just the radio and you are not bothered about suround sound the the built in speakers are fine. I use them and they work adequately for what I want.

  sean-278262 20:23 10 Aug 2006

For just radio and provided you are not an audio guru the in built will do. It may be worth telling us about the monitor you have and what you are looking into. If you plan to sell the old one it could be worth it but the end of the plan is up to you.

  acein1 20:41 10 Aug 2006

thanks for your replies,yes i am going to sell my old one "17"tft benq", nice little monitor no problems with it ,but i would like the speakers built in ,thats part of my reason for upgrading many thanks, i am in the lucky position to work in an auction house,and as i have the box and all literture for the monitor i know i can sell it easily and hopefuly for a good price

  Stuartli 23:41 10 Aug 2006

A 17in TFT is equal to a 19in CRT and a 19in TFT is the equivalent of a 21in.

Depends on whether you need the extra screen area.

Most built-in speakers are a waste of time and even a cheap pair of Creative or similar 2.1 speakers will beat them hands down.

  sean-278262 23:46 10 Aug 2006

"Most built-in speakers are a waste of time and even a cheap pair of Creative or similar 2.1 speakers will beat them hands down."
But if like my father you dont require more than a little background music the internal ones are 100 times better as they free up desk space.

Also Stuartli the poster is looking at upgrading their TFT monitor. So Not sure what bearing that has on things.

  Strawballs 00:34 11 Aug 2006

click here Just a selection there are of course other places.

  Gongoozler 09:37 11 Aug 2006

I don't have a 19" tft monitor, I don't even have a 17", but if I were making this upgrade I would be looking for the 19" to have more pixels than the 17" otherwise I think the larger area wouldn't really serve any useful purpose. As for built in speakers, in my experience the sound they give is very weak, and even the cheapest separates are better. The only time I would consider built-in speakers is if desk space was at an absolute premium.

  Graham. 09:51 11 Aug 2006

It depends how close you are to the screen when viewing. Too close to a 19" screen and you will be constantly moving your head. You may then find you sit further away, and the added size is cancelled out.

  ArrGee 12:34 11 Aug 2006

Just a quick query as this is doing my head in! How is a 17in TFT equal to a 19in CRT??

Surely the measurement is corner to corner. Having just measured my 19in TFT (it even says 19in on the box) it turned out to be 19in!

  Gongoozler 12:40 11 Aug 2006

ArrGee, it's all about how the makers define the screen size. A CRT is defined by the tube size, not the displayable screen, some of the tube is masked. My 17inch CRT actually measures 16.25 inches corner to corner of the mask, and some of that is not displayable picture. An LCD doesn't have the additional glass, and is defined by the actual useable screen.

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