Updating Windows on a dual-boot PC

  CurlyWhirly 20:52 15 Jun 2011


I am now running a dual-boot configuration, namely, Windows Vista on a standard hard-drive and Windows 7 on a newly acquired SSD drive.

A few days ago I had the usual Windows notification that there are Windows updates available.

These 14 updates successfully downloaded and installed or so I thought !

Stage 1 completed okay but then the PC rebooted and up came the usual screen where I have to choose what operating system to load.

As it was Vista that I was updating, I chose this but after doing so the screen went blank and I had to soft reset the PC and choose the option to go back to the last configuration that worked.

If I remember right, there are usually 3 stages before Microsoft updates are successfully installed.

How do I get the drive with Vista to successfully update (i.e. complete stages 2 and 3) as I've never updated Windows on a dual-boot setup before ?

The Vista update failed and so my Vista installation isn't up to date !

I never carried the following out but after the reboot (after stage 1 of the windows installation had completed), should I have just left the dual-boot operating system menu alone even though in normal use Windows 7 (on the SSD drive) would automatically load after a 30 second interval as this is the default operating system.

I'm somewhat confused to be honest.

The Windows 7 OS has successfully updated itself it's just the Vista update I'm having trouble with !


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