updating windows 95 to windows 98

  kevsta 15:38 08 Jan 2003
  kevsta 15:38 08 Jan 2003

i've formatted the c:drive in dos (computer with windows 95). i then put in the win '98 boot disk in. as the computer starts it displays 'starting windows 95' - strange, because i thought i'd wiped it off when formatting the c drive. then the message 'invalid system disk' is displayed.

i've tried putting in the win '95 disk and got the A: prompt but i can't seem to switch to either the d/e drive (the c drive isn't recognised either). as i remember the win '98 disk asks whether you want cd rom support and you can then install windows 98 (i've got the original cd-rom).

i tried resetting the cmos, bios default settings just in case (i'm guessing here). no change.

i'm lost, any help would be really appreciated
thanks in advance


  pj123 15:45 08 Jan 2003

what you need is a universal boot disk. I can send you one if you like, but it will have to be by snail mail as it contains .exe files which most ISPs wont pass (in case of virus's.)

send me an email if you want this disk.


  BRYNIT 17:11 08 Jan 2003

Will your comp boot from CD drive

  kevsta 12:40 09 Jan 2003

pete - many thanks. i don't want to inconvience you so i'll hold on a bit to see if anything comes up. if not i'd really appreciate that.

i've tried booting with the cd but i get invalid system disk or non-system disk. i found a disk titled cd-rom support. i tried setup at the a:\ prompt. it attempts to put the relevant files in the c:drive but fails becasue it 'cannot create directory or access file' - it doesn't seem to recognise/find the c: drive at all - maybe it's faulty?

  BRYNIT 18:12 09 Jan 2003

? when you formatted HD did you do fdisk first

  BRYNIT 18:13 09 Jan 2003

? when you formatted HD did you do fdisk first

  kevsta 12:32 10 Jan 2003

brynit - i didn't

  siarad 13:12 10 Jan 2003

W98 boots from CD-ROM. Set the BIOS for this & when at the CD type SETUP

  BRYNIT 13:46 10 Jan 2003

Try fdisk rem prim part / create prim part /format HD try win 98 boot disk again. If boot disk doesn't work click here

  kevsta 15:54 10 Jan 2003

many thanks siarad and brynit. i'll be back!
brynit can u elaborate a bit on fdisk rem prim part? do i type this in dos or run fdisk (sorry never used it)

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