Updating video drivers

  cottager 22:20 02 Mar 2003

I have on my notebook Paint Shop Pro and recently was invited by Jasc to download After Shot First Edition. PSP worked fine with no probs and so I thought did After Shot until I clicked on print. Then the little box - This programme has performed etc. In the details box After Shot caused a general protection fault in GDI.EXE. The same thing happened in PSP. I contacted Jasc who replied that they believed the error message comes about because of my video card needing an updated driver. Under Device Manager> Properties the video/audio card is a Cirrus Logic's Crystal WDM Audio Codec and a number -064. On Evesham's web site [my notebook is an Evesham one] there are various downloads for updating video drivers but not for the above named video card. I have looked on Cirrus Logic's website and there are plenty of drivers for download but they all have strings of numbers - how can I find out which is the correct one for my notebook bearing in mind that I can't physically open the machine up to have a looksee. Cottager

  Voyager 22:27 02 Mar 2003

Try the following:

Click on START then RUN, and type in the word DXDIAG, then click OK, this should display a whole host of (Tabbed) pages of information on your system, click on the one called DISPLAY and all will be revealed!

Then go to the Cirrus Logic's website and download the "Latest Drivers" or the one's with the latest date.

  cottager 22:47 02 Mar 2003

Thanks for the information but after doing what you suggested I am now even more confused - easily done I'm afraid.
When looking at the Display page I saw no sign of what I believed was my video driver/maker but a reference to S3 Graphics Twister K; after reading through it all this led me to believe that it was referring to the display [monitor]. So I went into a bit more detail and clicked on Video and have yet more, and different,info. VIDC.VDOM VDOnet VDO Wave VideoCodec!!!! So what now? I think it will be safer and easier to uninstall Jasc's After Shot;-)

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