Updating a Site. What's happened?

  pj123 18:03 21 Dec 2005

Have been maintaining a site for a friend for about 4 years now. Every year there are some updates to do, no problem. He has now given me the updates for 2006. Using the same routine I have always used (Dreamweaver, make the amendments, save.) Now use CuteFTP upload the site again. Overwrite everything. Finish that. Now log on to the site, but shows the same as it was. Try Ctrl+F5 to update but no go.

Try deleting the site using CuteFTP. and then upload the amended site again but still the same.

What am I doing wrong? It worked OK last year.

  Forum Editor 19:20 21 Dec 2005

I think it is, pj123?

  ade.h 20:32 21 Dec 2005

FE - you've forgotten your link!

  pj123 20:54 21 Dec 2005

FE, no. That one is no problem (thanks to PCA and you).

This is a site I took over some time ago. I didn't build it. All I do is change the "Year" and any price changes. Do it every year but this time doesn't seem to work.

  Forum Editor 00:33 22 Dec 2005

Thanks, but pj123 knows which site I mean.

  pj123 12:52 22 Dec 2005

Just downloaded the whole site again to a new folder on my hard drive.

Open Dreamweaver to do the amendments again but both pages show the amendments that I made yesterday as done.

So, I upload again using CuteFTP but when I log on to the site it still shows 2005 and not 2006.

Tried "refresh" but still the same.

The site is click here

The two amended pages are: in the English version "Pricelist" should read 2006 and in the German version “Preisliste” should also read 2006.

Any advice/solution would be appreciated.


  ade.h 12:59 22 Dec 2005

*sheepish now*

Re-read your phrasing and understood what you meant.

  PurplePenny 16:10 22 Dec 2005

I'm seeing 2006 on the English pricelist. I can't get to the German pricelist: the buttons on the german page don't all show up and those that do don't work.

I wish that I could afford a mediaeval shawm. The closest that I got was my brother's old practice chanter.

  pj123 17:40 22 Dec 2005

PurplePenny, thanks for that. Just tried logging on to the site again myself but still shows 2005 on the English pricelist page and, as you say, the page links on the German page don't work now. Looks like another problem to sort out, but I am not sure how to do that. When I open the German page in Dreamweaver I don't see any page links, only the page with the updates (which does show the new date and the new prices). The only way out I can think of is to get the person who built the site in the first place to have a look. Doesn't look good for me, hopefully it wasn't my fault!!

  pj123 17:48 22 Dec 2005

fourm member, didn't see your response until I posted to PurplePenny. Doesn't look good for me then.

  Forum Editor 23:29 22 Dec 2005

there's a typo on the 'early recorders' page:-

"vibrant and exiting when played with energy"

should be "vibrant and exciting when played with energy"

You might want to add a copyright claim to the pages as well.

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