Updating site with CuteFTP

  Sparky0138 14:03 26 Dec 2005

I've been updating a site for almost a year with no problems using CuteFTP but now for some reason my site isn't updating. The files that show as uploaded in CuteFTP are the new ones according to the properties but when I go to my site I'm only seeing the old pages.

This is a similar problem to the one A HREF=click here>here /A> only pressing F5 etc. doesn't work for me.

Can anyone help me please?

  anchor 14:12 26 Dec 2005

I have found that with some sites, (eg: Pipex free space), it takes a while for the updates to appear. Other sites change immediately. I use CuteFTP too.

I clear my cache and old web pages store, but it takes possibly a day for the changes to take effect.

Don`t know if that helps you.

  Sparky0138 14:25 26 Dec 2005

I'm with Grid-Design and haven't had any problems like this before. I first tried updating on Wednesday so it's been five days now and they're still not showing up.

It's not my browser (which I've cleared the cache for etc.) because it's happening for other people who visit and I've also tried this site (click here) which I think is supposed to show updated pages even if the problem lies with your browser.

  anchor 14:57 26 Dec 2005


I can only suggest you contact Grid-Design after the holidays. It seems that the problem may be at their end.

0870 766 9692


  pj123 15:26 26 Dec 2005

Sparky0138, good on you mate. Have you tried my solution? Click on the Refresh icon? Or even try holding the Alt key down and pressing R?

The strange thing is that I can refresh any page on this Forum and also on 4 other websites that I maintain by using Ctrl+F5 (or even just F5) no problem.

The other strange thing I found was that although when I log in to the site it still showed the old stuff, if anybody else logged in it showed the updated version. Which I assumed pointed to something on my computer. But clicking on the Refresh Icon has fixed my problem.

  Sparky0138 15:48 26 Dec 2005

I've tried clicking my refresh button, right-clicking on the page and refreshing, Ctrl+F5, F5 - they all refresh the page but it's the old one that keeps reloading.

I've also tried pressing the reset button on my router as that sometimes fixes problems but not this time. :-(

  pj123 12:01 27 Dec 2005

Another thought just ocurred to me. I remember someone saying delete your Cookies and Temp Internet files before updating. Give that a try.

  anchor 13:33 27 Dec 2005


Give us the link to your page, and a brief summary of the differences between the old and the new. We can then report what version we are seeing.

We won`t have any old cached pages to confuse matters.

  pj123 14:27 27 Dec 2005

anchor, that's a good idea. I found on my updates it was only me seeing the old pages. Everybody else who logged on to the site saw the updated site. Which obviously pointed to my cached files. I did do a "clean up" and now when I log on to my friends site it is the updated version.

  anchor 15:04 27 Dec 2005

Glad all has worked out OK in the end.

  Sparky0138 15:48 27 Dec 2005

Thanks, guys. One of the pages in question is here...

click here

I always see the old page which has 8 updates for November whereas the new page that CuteFTP *says* is uploaded and which I should now be seeing has just 2 updates for December.

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