Updating OS and HDD

  Astra Pilot 14:19 10 May 2008

Hi there!
I want to upgrade a 7-year old PC because the OS (Win ME) is now limiting my web browsing experience and the 30Gb hard disk is running out of space. I’ve spotted that you can still buy XP if you buy it with something like a HDD. That would solve both of my problems. I can’t decide, however, on whether to use to new drive for data storage only or whether to use it to replace the boot drive. I would welcome advice on the pros and cons.

  Technotiger 14:26 10 May 2008

I would start clean with your new OS on your new (bigger) drive, and keep the old drive as a slave to your new one.

  Ditch999 14:28 10 May 2008

A seven year old PC may not run XP properly depending on what hardware it has.

  Astra Pilot 14:54 10 May 2008

Thanks for your observation, Ditch999 - I hadn't thought of that. I bought it just before XP was released.

  DieSse 20:09 10 May 2008

Give us the basic specs - processor speed and ram - and we'll advise on the suitability for XP.

I just set up an old system for a client with very basic needs - a P2 400MHz and 256MB ram. With all the XP "special effects" switched off, it was really quite nippy. We found some more ram and upgraded to 512MB anyway, and it was perfectly respectable for basic tasks.

  DieSse 20:11 10 May 2008

A further issue may be that the motherboard is limited to 32GB drives. This can be gotten around normally - with a Seagate drive, the (free) Seagate Disk Wizard software is available to do this.

  Astra Pilot 21:14 10 May 2008

Spec is:
Processor: AMD Athlon Socket A 1.2MHz
Motherboard: ASUSTeK A7V-E
RAM 250Mb
I think I could have purchased this with XP, but decided to play safe. No regrets, hackers left ME alone.

  DieSse 00:06 11 May 2008

Processor will go OK on XP - I would look to upgrade RAM to 512MB at least.

  Astra Pilot 09:31 11 May 2008

Thanks for your help, DieSse

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