Updating Navigation bars - Harristweed?

  Pocketdragon 22:29 07 Dec 2005

Webdesign neophyte using dreamweaver 3 and fireworks 3 here.

In response to my posting about buttons in frames not loading, I have been persuaded to dump the frames. I am wondering about the best way to configure pages to allow for efficient navigation bar changes. Here was Harristweed's response:


Put all of the navigation into a seperate file and include it in necessary pages.

Then when you need to change the menu you just change the included file once and hey presto....


If I correctly understand what you are suggesting that I do then I have a query. In order for the button that names each page to show what page you are on, for each page that button needs to have the "load in down state" property assigned as "yes". That means that for each page the nav bar is slightly different. If I could make that change in Dreamweaver then what you are suggesting definitely saves time (since for each page I'd be loading the same fireworks generated HTML), but I only know how to set the property in fireworks. So far I've avoided trying to look at HTML code, but I am imagining that is the easiest way to deal with this issue. If I am missing something let me know.


  harristweed 10:08 08 Dec 2005

Ah ha....missed the bit about wanting the page to load with relevant button in down state. However not an insurmountable problem.

The buttons have three states – up – mouse over – down.

This means that if a page is currently displayed the button has two states - down and mouse over.

Pages NOT currently displayed, the button has two states – up –mouse over.

Therefore each button has TWO states. Just a different image for one of them!

Use Dreamweaver to create the java script (not fireworks) by ‘inset rollover image’. You can then create script that gives each button TWO states. –up – mouse over.

Then you could use a bit of code to something like :

If (page==xxx) buton.gif =button_down.gif
Else button.gif = button_up.gif

To select the first displayed image for each button

I must admit that my java skills are not up to it, but someone here will be able to help you code it!

Having said all of this, if it were me I’d not use java / images for the buttons, I’d use CSS to generate mouse over effects. Much quicker to load.

Good luck anyway and stick at it!

  Pocketdragon 16:52 08 Dec 2005

longer ...



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