updating motherboard

  carver 07:03 04 Apr 2003

I have been thinking about upgrading to a better motherboard and a bigger CPU,can any one give me an idea as to what I should be thinking about fitting. At the moment-I've got a ASUS A7V-E mobo with a 1.2 Athlon, but the mobo has only got 2 memory slots so I'm a bit limited in that respect(the wife says that has got nothing to do with the P/C)only I was in maplins and they have an offer on for a mobo and 2ghz Athlon +fan for £130,is this worth while or can any one give me any better advice.

  carver 18:41 04 Apr 2003


  961 19:14 04 Apr 2003

Unless there is a particular reason to do this such as video or other cpu intensive stuff I wouldn't bother. For most stuff your existing format will be more than adequate. Wait a year or so by which time socket A may be replaced by something new and you can skip to a whole new ball game. After all, your wife is probably right!

  megat193 20:41 04 Apr 2003

I went for the Maplins' £120 offer and am pleased with the result. However the K7S5A mobo does have a history of problems, so unless you really need to upgrade... wait for a better offer just like 961 has advised.

  professor 23:16 04 Apr 2003

im just giving this as its the board ive got and is fantastic its got about everything youll ever need!

Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
with the latest BIOS flash it accepts up to Athlon XP 3000+ 3GB RAM(either PC2100 PC2700 or PC3200)has onbard LAN hardware ac97 sound(capable of 6channel audio)onboard H\W1394 RAID and USB 2.0(4 ports) and USB 1.1(2 ports)

hope that helps


  carver 11:13 13 Apr 2003

Thank's for the advice I think I'll leave every thing as it is and wait. Carver

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