Updating Mobo & Graphic drivers on SLI board

  Wooden'ead 19:16 07 Dec 2005

I have an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo with twinned Inno3D GeForce 6600GT cards running in SLI mode with XP Home as my OS. Dual HDD on SATA but not raided.

With the nVidia display gizmo, I thought that I’d turn off SLI just to see the difference – no problem, except just after hitting ‘Apply’ and before the reboot a warning came up stating “This parameter incorrect’. I then hit ‘OK’ and the machine rebooted and I was out of SLI. When reapplying SLI mode I got exactly the same message after hitting ‘Apply’ and before the reboot.

So, update the drivers etc thought I – both mobo drivers and graphics.

I downloaded the Asus makedisk type chipset driver then I thought I should perhaps use nVidia’s GeForce4 AMD winXP2k latest version. I also downloaded the 81.94 forceware winXP2k card drivers in preference to the Inno driver.

Now, looking through the Add/Remove bit, the only drivers I could find was a section shown as nVidia – no mention of the Inno graphics drivers. I then looked at Device Manager and found that the card drivers were the Inno versions. As, among other things, nVidia recommend uninstalling the video drivers for both updating the chipset and graphics, I created a restore point and came out of SLI (same warning) and tried to uninstall the Inno driver in Device Manager on the top listed card, only to be told that I couldn’t do it as it was needed for boot up.

Right, I thought, I’ll run the GeForce4 update anyway. This went OK till I suddenly got messages that Windows XP might not be best pleased with some of the new bits – so I did the noble thing and bottled out – restored the system and felt like a total nod but everything still appeared to be working.

Now, the questions –

Is it best to run with the nVidia updates – does the mobo nVidia bring the chipset up-to-date like the Asus makedisk one seems to? (If Asus better, then does anything need to be done before running it?)

What drivers do actually need to be unistalled prior to running both nVidia mobo and video updates – Inno, nVidia?

Are there any added difficulties with SLI? Does it need disabling prior to updating etc.

I have tried to find out at the various websites and generally on line but an explanation from those with experience might actually penetrate my obvious noddiness more directly. Also, sorry that there are several questions but they are all related to the one theme – driver updating on this sort of machine – plus I’d bet that this info could be of use to others.

  GaT7 21:22 07 Dec 2005

You may need matching BIOS versions for the twinned cards click here.

Consider joining a dedicated SLI forum & posting your queries there. Here's one click here. Good luck with it all. G

  Wooden'ead 16:45 08 Dec 2005

Thanks for your reply Crossbow7 - both BIOS versions are the same.
Also, thanks for pointing me to that forum - I don't now how I missed it when I was on the nVidia site - a bit frightening reading about what goes wrong with this stuff but look at this forum, I think it's a matter of if it can go down the tubes, it will - to somebody.
I suppose it was that thought that led me to post in the first place if it can go pearshaped for those that have a clue, what could I really do by closing my eyes and pushing the button?
Once again, cheers.

  PaulB2005 16:52 08 Dec 2005

I have the same board with a single 6800 installed.

I use the following drivers whichn are both WHQL passed.

NVidia nForce 6.70 WinXP WHQL - click here 34 Mb

NVidia Forceware 81.95 XP WHQL - click here 20 Mb

Both come from click here

I make a System Restore point & don't uninstall the old drivers.

  Wooden'ead 23:07 08 Dec 2005

Multiple thanks PaulB - it all worked, trouble and stress free.
I did it one at a time, after taking it out of SLI mode - made restore point, then the mobo ones went straight in, reboot. Second restore point and graphics went in, overwriting Inno ones. Reboot and straight away I was offered SLI mode with nVidia drivers installed.
Brilliant ta very muchly

  PaulB2005 00:23 09 Dec 2005


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