updating graphics card and power supply

  sumorabbit 19:24 19 Nov 2007


Right, bear with me while I get my head around the question I'm asking here as upgrading pc's is completely new to me. I'll include as much information as I can as I'm not really sure what is needed and what isn't!

I have a fujitsu siemens pentium p4 (3.2ghz) pc with the GA-8I848PM motherboard and the GeForce FX 5500 agp graphics card. Needless to say I want a new graphics card and have been delaying it for much longer than I really should've. However now I've decided to bite the bullet!

I just wanted to pick your brains about the pick of the bunch of agp cards that are still left as looking through reviews I find it hard to see which ones are better than others when their relatively similarly specced and priced.

Also, what sort of power supply would you recommend, as mine has a 240v one which I know isn't nearly enough. Any recommendations (without breaking the bank!!!)

Thanks in advance!


  Totally-braindead 19:31 19 Nov 2007

All power supplies in this country are 240v, you need to look at the wattage, there will be a label on the power supply that tells you this.

Because its AGP the best you can get is either a Nvidia 7600GT or a ATI 1950 Pro. I think the 1950 Pro might be the better card.

1950 pro needs 450 watts or above and the 7600GT needs the same.

Better to buy a branded power supply and if you get a high rated one then later on if you want you can use it your next PC and stick the old one back with the old graphics for resale or whatever.

  sumorabbit 19:42 19 Nov 2007

Oh god yes, silly me!!! Should've known about the 240v but just looked at the back of the pc and took the first number that came into my head without thinking of what it meant!!! Haven't even opened the case yet!!!

So, if I go onto a site and see say a 600 watt power supply, is that gonna be enough or would I be looking for bigger still? I know it goes on rails but haven't got a clue how to calculate, so would just like public opinion of what everyone feels would be a suitable choice at a decent price

Thanks again


  skidzy 19:50 19 Nov 2007

As Totally-braindead says,buy a branded psu of at least 450w or higher,realisticaly go for something in the range of 500 upwards,such as click here

  sumorabbit 20:04 19 Nov 2007

Cheers for your help guys!

Looks like I'll have to do some scouting in the back of the pc now to see what connectors I'll need for my power supply and then biting the bullet!

Just one final one. I just checked out the XFX Nvidia GeForce 7950GT AGP 512MB DDR3 DUAL DVI graphics card. Is this one comparable/better at all than than the 7600gt and 1950 pro?

  smithers1212 20:05 19 Nov 2007

hi.. i want to upgrade my graphics card to a nvidia geforce 1800gt 256mb and my psu at the moment is a 350 watt,will i have to upgrade my psu aswell or will it be sufficient?..Thanx

  citadel 21:05 19 Nov 2007

7950gt is top of the range for agp from nvivia. psu the best you can afford. cheap psu's are ineffecient and less stable than quaity ones. a psu with the 80% logo will save on your electricity bill.

  sumorabbit 21:15 19 Nov 2007


Thank you everyone for all your help, it was most appreciated!!!


  wjrt 22:07 19 Nov 2007
  sumorabbit 23:18 19 Nov 2007

Thanks once again wjrt!

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