Updating drivers for Samsung R780 and slow boot time

  reecesanford 12:40 14 May 2011

Ive now had a Samsung R780 i5 laptop for nearly a year and never updated the drivers myself.

Boot up time is around 80 seconds which seems abit slow to me.Ive checked my start up programs and stopped ones i didnt need starting and cleaned the registry and defragged but still its slow.

One thing ive never checked is to see if new drivers are available and whether this would help. However ive got no idea how to go about this. Samsung website seems to have loads of new drivers lately but when i click on a programme called Samsung Update Plus it tells me everything is already up to date.

Any help would be great Thanks

  iscanut 12:58 14 May 2011

Drivers for what ?

  onthelimit1 13:13 14 May 2011

80 seconds? That's fast. Don't see any point in updating drivers for hardware that's working OK - if there's a problem, that's different.

  birdface 13:37 14 May 2011

What security programs have got Anti-virus and Anti-malware.

Also if your Anti-virus is set to run at start up change it to another time.

Samsung Site

  birdface 13:40 14 May 2011

Should have added you should have been able to get an automatic check for updates on that site at least on other computer sites you can so i would think Samsung will be the same.

You usually have to put in the model number of the Laptop for it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:08 14 May 2011

80 secs for a windows machine is good especially when your AV starts and scans all other start up programs

Driver updates will do nothing to speed up your start times.

  reecesanford 15:56 14 May 2011

the samsung site doesnt give you an automatic check for which drivers needs updating.

ive got norton antivirus running,no malware and from what ive read on various sites anything over 60 seconds is a long time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 14 May 2011

Disconnect from Internet

Disable Norton startup

reboot and see how long

  reecesanford 16:26 14 May 2011

70 seconds

  birdface 16:47 14 May 2011

If you only have Norton running try malwarebytes free and see what that picks up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:02 14 May 2011

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