Updating Drivers

  Abel 11:31 15 Aug 2009

Is there a site that will scan my HD, and allow me to download updated drivers for free?


  Stuartli 11:34 15 Aug 2009

Go to:

click here

Register and run the full test; the summary at the end, apart from providing full details of your system and its capabilities compared to others, will list any drivers that need updating and a source.

You can test on a regular basis to make sure your system is performing as it should.

However, it's still best to check with manufacturers' websites for the very latest drivers - it just takes a little time...:-)

  Stuartli 11:35 15 Aug 2009

There's absolutely no need to pay for drivers of any description - it's something that the Americans in particular, for some reason, seem to find acceptable.

  mooly 11:51 15 Aug 2009

Unless you are looking to fix a specific issue, I would say "don't" or at the very least take an image backup first.

  Abel 12:01 15 Aug 2009

Thanks Stuartli, but unless I'm missing something, all the drivers the site tells me I need all cost various amounts of $


  Abel 12:02 15 Aug 2009

Thanks mooly. Noted.


  mooly 12:04 15 Aug 2009

:) This is one example,
click here

  oldbeefer2 12:10 15 Aug 2009

Drivermax click here will do want you want and is free (both the scan and the drivers). I used it when I'd reinstalled XP, but wouldn't bother otherwise unless a problem showed up.

  gazzaho 12:34 15 Aug 2009

As Stuartli suggested I myself find it best to update drivers manually from the vendors site, the reason, as I believe, some sites charge for them is for the service they offer, i.e. checking your system. The problem with some of the auto check sites is they may offer links to older drivers or in some cases wrong ones. I'm not saying the sites mentioned here are bad, but if Windows own update service can offer wrong drivers, which it does on occasion, then what chance do you have?

If you have a program such as Acronis as mooly has refereed to, then making a backup before applying it would be a wise course of action, especially if you're unsure if the driver is the correct one. In the case of applying a wrong driver, more often than not the properties for the device in Device Manager under the driver tab will give you the option to roll back to a previous driver.

Latest drivers aren't essential but they may resolve issues experienced with certain programs. They can be important and sometimes essential when playing games for instance, especially graphics and sound drivers.

  Stuartli 20:12 15 Aug 2009

>>all the drivers the site tells me I need all cost various amounts of $>>

I've not come across that. However, if you note the drivers required and the version in each instance, you can easily search for them on the manufacturers' websites or via Google and download and install them.

There's an update checker you can install at download website FileHippo, whilst similar websites click here and click here are constantly updating downloads of all types which become available.

Don't forget too that Windows can search the Internet for new drivers in Device Manager, but they are not necessarily the very latest examples; Windows will advise if the version you already have is a more recent one.

  tullie 20:39 15 Aug 2009

The thing to do is leave well alone,unless theres a problem.

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