Updating drivers.

  nd33cfc 13:47 30 Jun 2005

This is something which frustrates me all too often.
Many times in the past i have logged on to a website with the hope of easily selecting and downloading the latest driver for my system. However, sometimes it is unclear to me as to which driver to actually download.
It is only recently that i discovered i can update drivers through the device manager. Is this the best failsafe way of getting the latest driver for all my hardware ?

  Forum Editor 16:42 30 Jun 2005

and I can certainly sympathise with you when you say how confused you can become when confronted with a list of drivers.

In fact, such lists are often not as daunting as at first they might seem. Provided you have details of the model/version of the hardware you're using you'll find that you can discount all but the appropriate drivers. Unfortunately it isn't always so easy to get details of the bits and pieces inside the computer's case - many people are quite happy never to look inside. Often your computer's original documentation will contain the information you require, and if that fails you can always use a utility like Sisoft Sandra
click here to try to determine what's under the bonnet. Sandra will analyse your computer's hardware and produce an on-screen report.

  p;3 23:18 30 Jun 2005

which bit of click here does one use?

  Pooke 23:27 30 Jun 2005

Somebody that has just setup their first PC and thought hey I'll surf on in to that great IT advice forum, PC Advisor. Then seen this post and thought what are drivers? why are they important? should I be updating mine?

  mec13 00:23 01 Jul 2005

Understanding how to get the correct drivers is frustrating and over complicated for me also. I purchased a xp magazine this month which had a free dvd disc bragging that it had all the drivers needed for certain graphics cards. Loaded the disc onto my computer hoping for some easy solution in updating my graphic card driver, dear oh me, all I wanted was a simple 'download here' button, not complicated questions. That disc is now another 'coaster' to add to my collection.

Just thought I'd back up your posting nd33cfc, hope you don't mind me butting in!

  nd33cfc 00:53 01 Jul 2005

Not at all mec13. I appreciate your comments very much... Thanx to everyone for your replies.
I looked at the Sandra website and it looks like a good piece of software. I noticed the "Download and buy" link. Then the thought occured to me.. "why do i need to buy new hardware for my PC, then buy a program which tells me what i have just bought ?".
Maybe i am being a little harsh, but i think Microsoft could do more to assist people, who do not know every component in thier machine, to keep thier PC up to date and be confident in the knowledge that they are indeed getting the correct driver...
P.S. I hope i am not sounding like an old grouch.

  Pooke 01:06 01 Jul 2005

"i think Microsoft could do more to assist people, who do not know every component in thier machine"

Microsoft didn't make your hardware, as for updating drivers it isn't necessary all the time, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  Forum Editor 08:06 01 Jul 2005

As mentioned in my post - Sisoft Sandra is the utility to use.

  Forum Editor 08:09 01 Jul 2005

I'm not sure why you feel that Microsoft should "do more to assist people, who do not know every component in thier machine" - they are a software company after all, they don't make computers.

  Tenacious Green 09:42 01 Jul 2005

The thing that annoys me about updating drivers is the lack of instructions on how to do it on the website. In my case, NVIDIA. Whilst it seems easy to find the right driver I couldn't find instructions my first time and was unaware that I had to uninstall the old drivers first! Good job the helproom forum had the topic covered.

  nd33cfc 10:14 01 Jul 2005

Yes i take your point onboard. You are both correct. Maybe i am lazy... what i want is an idiots guide to keeping my PC up to date. Better still, i want my computer to do it for me. Until then i will continue to use the device manager. Thanx once again for your input.

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