Updating Briefcase after key server changed

  Stymied 06:17 17 Nov 2005

The server where I work has been replaced. When I try to update my Briefcase it looks to synchronize (maybe I'm misusing that term, but I'm not a techie) with my files on a server that no longer exists.

I can't find a way to point the Briefcase to the new server, and the amateurish things I try don't seem to work. Like copying the briefcase to a new briefcase, when not surprisingly the new briefcase just looked for its synchs in the first one.

I suppose I could copy the work (that the technical people transferred to the new server) into another briefcase, but this means I will "lose" quite a lot of the work I have done since the change of server. OK, it will still be on the laptop, but maybe not for long, as the IT people have implied that some of our laptops' hard drives are aging. Mine actually groaned recently!

I googled this query in Groups but the mention of a hex editor was way over my head. I'd like to discover there's something simple that could be done, if not by me, then by the Techie blokes. Although this forum has never disappointed me, I guess this time you're going to confirm there isn't.

Thank you!

  mgmcc 12:29 17 Nov 2005

You don't say whether you have the Briefcase in removable media, such as a USB flash drive, or if you update it over a network connection directly from laptop to server.

You do have to create a new Briefcase and drag the files you need to "sync" from the server into it. However, if you are networked, any files you have updated since the server was replaced could be transferred over the network connection first and then the updated files dragged into the Briefcase.

I have used Briefcases for several years to keep files synchronised between PCs in my home network, but was recently told about an application called "Allway Sync" - click here - which I have found to be very much better. It's certainly worth a look.

  Stymied 19:34 19 Nov 2005

Thank you mgmcc for responding to my enquiry. I'm updating my Briefcase over the school network.

I think I'll try copying the stuff that's been transferred to the new server into a new Briefcase.

Then I'll try to track the more recent files that haven't been updated and copy them to the new server too. I'm sure I must be able to search by date somehow in My Computer! I'm stalling over this because even in a few weeks, I've managed to add a lot of files.

I will certainly have a look at Allway Synch.

Thank you again.

  VoG II 19:38 19 Nov 2005

For future reference consider using SyncToy click here

I've been using this for a couple of months now to synchronise folders on my laptop with shared drives on a remote server over a VPN connection.

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