Updating BIOS

  wrg 15:17 14 Dec 2007

Every so often when reading in these types of forum I come accross advice concerning updating BIOS or someone states they updated the BIOS. Would someone be kind enough to explain why, how and what are the benefits.



  mymate 15:23 14 Dec 2007

I have a Dell computer and if i log onto Dell website put in my "tag" number it tells me what updates i need. I updated my Bios because it was already set out for me by Dell. I wouldnt have touched it all otherwise.

  wrg 15:25 14 Dec 2007

I have a Dell to. Maybe I should look later.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:34 14 Dec 2007


you only ned to update the BIOS if you update your CPU or simular or you have a hardware problem that nothing else seems to cure.

It can easily go wrong (happened to me)

If it goes wrong then your machine is DEAD, just a doorstop.

  wrg 15:38 14 Dec 2007

Would a hardware problem include graphics card. There is a game I like to play but periodically my computer freezes but only when playing this game at no other time does it freeze. I then have to switch it off with the power button. I am sure my graphics card drivers are uptodate but having been on other websites it seems to lead to this.

  wrg 15:38 14 Dec 2007

sorry the game is FM2008 and running vista basic

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 14 Dec 2007

Not likely in this case.

Make sure you have the latest driver for your grahics card.

low amount of memory could also be a problem you are going to need at least 1MG to run Vista and more for the game.

  wrg 15:54 14 Dec 2007

Fruit Bat

Thanks for your repsonse. I do have 2gig ram. I had one stick of 1g and got another based on the details that crucial came up with. As far as I am aware my drivers are uptodate. I use the ATI catalyst control center and also if I go in device manager and aske for check for updates it tells me I have the latest driver.

  SANTOS7 18:26 14 Dec 2007

games that freeze cloud be down to a screensaver or a auto update running something like that if you want to run games effectively turning off all non essiental services will help a lot.
As Fruit Bat /\0/\ has pointed out BIOS updates are not to be done unless absolutely necessary.
To check for updates for your VGA card going to the manufactures website would be a better idea....

  SANTOS7 18:27 14 Dec 2007

gud spelin cloud=could, but you knew that!!!

  mymate 20:24 14 Dec 2007

wrg I would still log into Dell web site because there might be a update for your graphic card.I write down in a book what updates i have installed from Dell so i know not to install them again.And only install one at a time.
If you run Belarac that will tell you what your "tag" number is click here

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