123joey123 10:36 22 Oct 2010

Every time I shut down it indicates Microsoft wants to do three updates. I don't know how many times I have received the same updates.Any way of fixing it?

  123joey123 10:47 22 Oct 2010

Following on from my last query I went to the update records and found that KB23344911 had failed 35 times so this must be why it tries each time but what can I do about it?

  dogbreath1 10:55 22 Oct 2010

That update doesn't seem to exist?

  birdface 10:57 22 Oct 2010

Wrong message no update of that nature.
You must have printed it wrong to many numbers in it.

  123joey123 11:28 22 Oct 2010

Sorry to bother.I found out how to fix the problem If anyone has the same problem let me know and I'll tell them

  lotvic 11:36 22 Oct 2010

Would be nice to share it on the forum. That's what a forum helproom is for.

  GaT7 11:36 22 Oct 2010

123joey123, is this the solution click here?


This is what I typed as a solution a little earlier (before you posted at 11:28):

I think the update in question is KB2344911, which is an Office update.

You can download & install it manually. Download from Win Catalog click here (search for it there - copy & paste it so you don't get it wrong)). Download & unzip it (using any unzip program like 7-Zip click here for instance). Double-click on the unzipped file to install. Reboot your PC when it completes. G

  123joey123 12:18 22 Oct 2010

OK.Sorry I didn't think of that.

Go to Services and Applications
RC Manage
Rxpand the Services and Applications
Click on Services
Find Windows Installer
RC Select Properties.Select diaable.
Reboot computer and do it all again but return Disable to Manual

Hope that will help someone

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