KERRO01 17:23 14 Oct 2007

hi folks. my freind was telling me that you need to keep your pc up to date with windows updates and the other hardware in your pc. can some one give me some help on this because my pc is starting to play up. oh and every time i shut down or restart my pc i keep getting this message (EAXModule) and i have to end now before my pc will go off or restart?

  johnnyrocker 17:28 14 Oct 2007

it would help to have more info like os, and what else on board? lack of updates can leave you seriously compromised, EAX module is a sound feature which may need updating or configuring.


  VoG II 17:30 14 Oct 2007

If XP goto Start > All Programs > Windows Update.

See also click here

  Totally-braindead 17:31 14 Oct 2007

Assumming its XP you have, you haven't mentioned what you have, you get the updates from Microsoft by going to START. ALL PROGRAMS and WINDOWS UPDATE.

I'm unsure what the EAXmodule is, soundblaster sound cards have something they call EAX do you have a Creative Labs Soundblaster sound card, if so then reinstalling the software or updating it may be all thats required.

Can you give some more info on whats wrong as "its starting to play up" is a bit vague.

  KERRO01 17:32 14 Oct 2007

yes its xp media centre 2005. i have a xfi sound card istalled and a new graphics card too and new ram also.

  KERRO01 17:36 14 Oct 2007

well the first thing that happend was when my gf was on bebo and this popped up (an error code has occord on a script on this page) and it says do you want to run it or somthing like that, with yes or no?

  Totally-braindead 17:48 14 Oct 2007

Well without knowing what was actually said it could either be a security thing, IE windows blocking something running until you ok it, or it might even have been a problem with bebo. If it doesn't happen again I would ignore it and assume its a glitch.
I would reinstall the sound card software to get rid of the EAX problem (hopefully). Lets put it this way, if you reinstall the sound card software it won't do any harm as it will just install over the top of the existing installation.

  KERRO01 17:51 14 Oct 2007

yeah i will do that i think. am on windows updates now and there is 11 software , optional. and 3 hardware, optional. should i tick all the boxes and istall them?

  KERRO01 18:09 14 Oct 2007

should i?

  VoG II 18:10 14 Oct 2007

Well I would.

  Totally-braindead 18:17 14 Oct 2007

Personally I look at what the hardware updates are first, the reason is I mucked up my graphics installing an update from Microsoft, don't know why. I have an Nvidia graphics card so I get my updates from them direct now.
The others I would install.

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