updated bios now pc wont boot

  jfett 16:01 31 Aug 2006

after reinstalling windows xp i started to install the drivers from compaqs website.

I installed this bios driver click here then clicked restart when prompted.

The pc wont boot since I installed the bios update. Is there anything I can do now? I cant even get into setup the monitor just stays blank. Please help.

  DieSse 16:07 31 Aug 2006

After a BIOS update, you should clear the CMOS settings, and then reset to the default settings. This ensures that the CMOS is in uncorrupted state before you try to start up.

I hope you did the correct BIOS update for your board. If you didn't, or it didn't work correctly, you may have rendered your m/b totally inoperable.

  jfett 16:17 31 Aug 2006

great well that link is to the bios update I installed and it says its for my pc and the installation instructions are straight forward, didnt say anything about clearing cmos or setting default until after the pc has rebooted.

  DieSse 16:31 31 Aug 2006

*it says its for my pc*

It may well be, but we can't check as we don't know anything about your PC.

*didn't say anything about clearing cmos or setting default*

IMO they should have done. It isn't always necessary, it's a precaution.

Still - something has gone wrong, and unhappily if you can't reboot the system, you can't do much about it.

You say it won't reboot - but you need to tell us exactly what does happen (the more detail the better)- otherwise it's a bit difficult to make suggestions.

  skell 20:42 31 Aug 2006

the link to your bios update its an old version (2004?) im pretty sure you couldve found an up-to-date one. maybe thats the cause of the problem. what version was you old bios?

  User-312386 21:18 31 Aug 2006

the A7N8X boards are quite old now, did you back the bios up?

Can you get into the BIOS by pressing the delete key or whatever the onscreen option sais?

  skidzy 21:57 31 Aug 2006

Im not to familiar with messing with the bios,but after a quick search i found this one
Release Date: 2005-12-07 Version: 3.21
click here

  User-312386 22:11 31 Aug 2006

thats for an HP though, they could have different chipsets

  skidzy 22:24 31 Aug 2006

Shows you how much i know about the bios Lol

Though i think i got led to it by finding this first click here As DieSse says it may well be too late now anyway.

Good luck jfett

  User-312386 23:59 31 Aug 2006

take the CMOS battery out and if neccessay jump the CMOS to clear it and see what happens

  Angiemaroni 20:14 03 Sep 2006

Your PC should be emitting a continuous beep at switch on if your bios has been damaged,does it or not? If not then you may be able to rescue it.

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