Pikachu 19:07 16 Mar 2003

I have a packardbell platinum 6081 upgraded to Win XP and I updated my BIOS as my PC was hanging everytime I was adding a USB connection. I got this from the packardbell site. The problem i'm experiencing is windows will now not shut down. It tells me its safe to shut down so I press the power off button but it won't let me it continues to flash its say to shut down. The only way to shut down is pull the power lead from the PC. Is they a way to restore the BIOS to previos settings. I tried system restore in Win XP and no luck. My m'board is MS6309 if thats any help. Thanks - Any advise would be helpful

  Pikachu 19:32 16 Mar 2003

I fixed problem by finding previous BIOS. Is there an easier way of re-installing previous BIOS by doing a system restore. Thanks

  Rayuk 19:59 16 Mar 2003

Did you set bios settings to default after flashing,thengo back in and set them to what you had previously.
The only way to go back to previous bios is to reflash the board.
System retore is nothing to do with the bios.
How do you mean fixed problem by finding previous BIOS???

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