update website

  afreen 11:06 03 Jul 2007

how doi update an existing website? by uploading some more photos, adding some details. could somebody pl proivvide detailed procedure as i only have the basics of webdesigning

thanks and regards

  afreen 07:43 04 Jul 2007

this is the website
click here

cud u pl provide me with the detailed procedure.....i wud b very grateful. the company wants to add more photos and update a few addresses and so, i think

  benjiboots 08:14 04 Jul 2007

Just had a quick look and it looks like the design is a mixture of Flash and HTML pages. The homepage and About Us section is Flash content and the other pages are HTML.
Depending on which bits you want to update and change will require either access to the original Flash files used to create it, or some web design software to edit the HTML pages.
Since you have not been specific in which sections require updating, perhaps you could elaborate on that. . . .

  afreen 08:26 04 Jul 2007

i neeed to upload some photos to the news and events section. also i need to add some more branches at the contacts page/.......cud u tel me of som webdesign software tht wud b helpful....as all the sites tht i browsed are all paid services

thanks for helping out though

  afreen 09:21 04 Jul 2007

frontpage is usually available with microsoft office rite? ok whn i get frontpage installed, cud u help me with the procedure? cud i have any email id directly so i cud have faster access whn i need the advise? thanks again

  afreen 09:40 04 Jul 2007

how do we know what type of content is on each page?

  afreen 10:28 04 Jul 2007

Now Frontpage is not available. Should I go for Sharepoint Designer? Please help

  benjiboots 11:11 04 Jul 2007

"how do we know what type of content is on each page?"
The Homepage is Flash content made using Adobe Flash or someother Flash clone like Swish.
The About Us section is also Flash either incorporated into the homepage content or a seperate Flash file.
The rest of the pages are some sort of HTML page but they are presented inside a frame set.

I would highly recommend a complete redesign of the site and do away with frames and the Flash homepage.
I've never heard of Sharepoint Designer but if you are new to web design then Net Objects Fusion might be a good choice, though it's not free.

  afreen 11:54 04 Jul 2007

actually, i wanted a response urgently. Thats y i mailed you. Sorry for the trouble. Well, actually my boss just asked me to update the site. I am very new to this company. Today's just my 4th day. So is it better that I suggest him to ask another designer to make a completely new website? or should i try n just upload it?

I just went to frontpage website. So it showed tht sharepoint is the newest version of frontpage at microsoft. Thats y i asked

  afreen 13:10 04 Jul 2007

ok. i havent told him i even knew website designing. he just assumed i should know it after he hired me. As its just the beginning, I am afraid to say no. Could you just direct me on how to upload som photos onto tht website. That would be enough.
Also, can i download Frontpage from its site? Or do i have to pay for it?

  cp1970 00:18 29 Feb 2008

afreen if u need to update website with frontpage its not that hard, good way to do it is use an ftp server to, good free one is smartftp

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