Update systems restore (windows ME)

  mental 20:13 23 Apr 2003

Yes systems restore is enabled in control panel. Very interested in patch download, but it states that it cures restores problem from the time the patch is installed and ignores previous restore points. Is there no way I can return to the very first restore point created by my PC almost 4 weeks ago?
Thanx for your trouble

  flecc 22:14 23 Apr 2003

I'm afraid not, the patches repair system restore but start it again from scratch.

Is your system restore working at present? If so, leave it alone for the two patches issued are only intended for repairs. However, if it's not working, here's a full range of repair options in which only the patch and the folder replace items are destructive. One of the other options might get it going for you.

To get System Restore working, first right click My Computer and select Properties, Performance Tab. Then click the File System button and select the Troubleshooting Tab, and make sure the option at the foot to turn off System Restore isn't checked.

If you haven't already done so, apply the ME 1899 update from Microsoft Windows Update. If the thought of that complex registry edit deters you, mail me using the envelope icon by my name and I'll mail you an easily applied registry patch for it. If you do the registry edit for yourself using the paste into Notepad method, make sure you do not leave a space above REGEDIT 4. This is a common cause of failure with this update.

Now click Start, Run, type: regedit and press Enter. Then click Registry, Export, select All and save a copy of the registry to somewhere convenient. Then use the + symbols alongside the folders to navigate the following key:-


Click on VxDMon and look in the right hand pane for the SystemRestore icon and check that it's value is "Y". If instead it's "N", double click the icon and in the Edit String box that comes up, change it to Y. Don't enter the inverted commas since regedit does that for you. Now repeat this for the SystemFileProtection icon which should also have the "Y" value.

Next look for an icon titled DelayFirstRstpt and make it's value 0 (That's zero, not letter O). If that icon doesn't exist, right click the right hand pane and select New, String Value, and rename the new icon that appears as DelayFirstRstpt exactly as shown. Then double click it and set it's value to 0.

OK the change, exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer for the change to take effect. The registry backup you saved can be deleted when the process has been completed satisfactorily.

If a mistake is made which results in an ill effect, double click the registry backup that you made and select Merge. The file will merge back to the registry and the changes will be undone. Don't save it long term as merging it at a later date would cancel all later entries and possibly destabilise your computer.

These changes should enable your System Restore to work.

If that still hasn't worked, the Restore System working directory will need to be replaced, for which you need a Startup Floppy disc. If you haven't made one yet, go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, select the Startup Tab and create one.

Insert the Startup floppy disc and boot your computer, choosing option 4, Minimal Boot at the menu. When the Command Prompt A:\> appears, type the following lines carefully observing the spaces, (there's one before those underlines as well) and press Enter after each line. Do NOT include that full stop after C:\ which is only there to keep the format in this site:-


attrib -r -s -h _restore

ren _restore oldrest

Now restart your computer removing the floppy disc and Windows will create a new restore directory for you. If you open your C drive in My Computer, you'll see in the root both _RESTORE and OLDREST folders. You can delete the OLDREST folder.

In the unlikely event that all of these measures still fail, there will be a very deep corruption in your system for which the only solution is to reinstall Windows Millennium Edition.

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