To update or not to update

  nickyjane 22:35 19 Apr 2004

Hi Guys. Yours thoughts please on the above question. When I download and install updates for XP HOME my computer throws a right wobbly with programs not running right. The problems I have had include, system restore refusing to restore,
not been able to print from web pages,Media player not running and so on. By all accounts the latest batch of updates are a real bundle of fun, with all sorts of built in bugs. I have looked on WINDOWS own help site and can not belive the number of people on there asking for help relating to the latest updates.I was once told if its not broken leave well alone.
Thanks. Nickyjane

  carvers 22:41 19 Apr 2004

I initially had problems with updates when i loaded service pack 1, this was resolved with a re load of the service pack as it did not load correctly but since then i update regularly and have had no problems. most of the updates are to fix holes in the system so is mostly to patch up the holes found by dedicated mischief makers. Bottom line is most of the fixes can be undone but not all of them but if they load properly they should be ok.

  Forum Editor 22:57 19 Apr 2004

are the result of updates not installing properly. I'm a little thrown by your comment that "By all accounts the latest batch of updates are a real bundle of fun, with all sorts of built in bugs". I certainly haven't heard that myself, and to the best of my knowledge it's not true.

There have been updates that caused widespread problems in the past, but they are few and far between. Bear in mind that updates are installed on millions of computers, and the fact that a Microsoft web forum might have a few hundred people with problems isn't necessarily indicative of something more widespread - people with problems try to get them fixed, you don't hear from the others.

In the main, critical updates are all security related, and there's no reason why they should impact on installed software that's WindowsXP compatible. Driver updates can certainly do that on occasion, but it's easy enough to uninstall those that give trouble, as it is to unsinstall a Windows update if you think it's causing trouble.

  nickyjane 23:54 19 Apr 2004

FORUM EDITOR. Thanks for your informed reply and understand what you are saying, but I can only speak from experience,that after downloading certain updates my computer is never the same, when I unistall them it works fine, so in fact I can never install the problem updates if I want my computer to run ok.

If the critical updates are security related should not my NAV or zonealarm take care of any problems.

As a novice to the computing world, my machine is still quite "pure" no major alterations to the setting have been made to it, I'm still at a loss as to why I get problems, is it the way I down load.

I always download all the updates in one go, with my NAV , firewall and zonealarm running.Is there a correct way for downloading updates ???

Thanks for your time and patience.


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