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  pj123 15:00 15 Jun 2003

Someone has just knocked on my door and given me a book called "Dreamweaver for Windows and Macintosh" So, although I don't have the programme yet I can at least read the book before deciding. It is 524 pages long, so I may be gone a long time. The blurb is: "Teach yourself Dreamweaver the quick and easy way. This Visual Quickstart guide uses pictures rather than lengthy explanations. you'll be up and running in no time"

  Forum Editor 19:01 15 Jun 2003

you read the book with Dreamweaver running on your machine in front of you.

If I'm any judge you'll put the book away within an hour or so and start working with the excellent tutorials bulit in to Dreamweaver. The good thing about 'learning by using' is that you go just as deeply in as you need to at each stage. You aren't filling your mind with a lot of stuff that you won't be using for a while.

I can honestly say that I've never used any kind of book to learn software, and neither have I had any tuition - I picked it all up as I went along.

  pj123 11:09 16 Jun 2003

Thanks FE. I now understand what you said. Although I didn't put the book down after an hour I did find it very frustrating not to be able to do what has just been read. Oh well, it's time to give the plastic an airing. I seem to be getting on fine with Publisher 2000 though, and I don't have a book for that, but as you said previously, everything seems to be .gif with just an odd few .jpg. There's no way round that I suppose?

  timber 13:49 16 Jun 2003

sorry I have put my new thread on yours will start another one


  pj123 17:04 16 Jun 2003

No problem, let me know what you find with dreamweaver?

  timber 17:10 16 Jun 2003

what i have seen so far it will take quite a long time to get into the way off things on dreamweaver as the old brain isn,t as sharp as it used to be.


  Forum Editor 20:35 16 Jun 2003

is to closet yourself away quietly for as long as possible. Sit at your machine and run the software tutorials. Start working up a site in Dreamweaver, and let it take days - don't try to do it all in a rush or you'll become discouraged.

Dreamweaver is without a doubt one of the most rewarding web design applications there is, but it takes some learning.

My advice, if you are a beginner, is to work with FrontPage for a while - it's easier than Dreamweaver and almost as powerful. In fact, in some ways it's better than Dreamweaver, and if you could take the best of both applications and merge them into one you wouldn't need any other software.

  pj123 21:04 16 Jun 2003

Thank you again FE. I will take your advice and start with Frontpage.

  bigdamouk 01:46 17 Jun 2003

When I first started using DMX I went out and bought a HUGE book called 'The Dreamweaver MX Bible' it cost £35.99 and was 1200 pages long!

Do you know how many times I've read it?


As other say, the best way to learn is to sit down with it and experiment!

Dreamweaver is an EXCELLENT package and i'm sure most of the home users (Myself Included) will only scratch the surface, as far as its capabilities go.

Good Luck


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