update for free zone alarm and Anomyizer

  Jade 14 G 15:24 11 Mar 2007

Have just downloaded AVG spyware again for third time, wasn't sure it would but have got it again and am thinking of buying it which will be a first for me.
Got a list of this website of good spyware, and read a thread that said spybot was out of date now and to use avg one that was ewido which l liked and two others which you had to buy. At this time have scanned and it found 4 spyeware and was advised to delete as they were medium risk. Waiting for there servers to update but told to try later so hope that works but while l was trying to update saw this which sounds good and would be a little over £10 to buy here, its Anonymizer, is it worth getting and what have you heard about it. Also l have had permantly a zone alarm small screen telling me to update but l thought free zone didn't get updates but through monzilla it went to zone site and it has a free zone update, has any others updated zone,

  Fingees 16:24 11 Mar 2007

I have used Zone alarm. and always set it for automatic updates, and it has always been OK.

With that and AVG (free)7.5, I find it's all I need.

  Fingees 16:25 11 Mar 2007

Sorry, I also use Adaware (free)

  Stuartli 16:42 11 Mar 2007

ZoneAlarm updates are comparatively infrequent.

Current free version is 7.0.302.000, which I installed on January 16th.

  Stuartli 16:44 11 Mar 2007

You can download it from:

click here

if you don't have this version.

  Jade 14 G 16:55 11 Mar 2007

Just have never had a free zone update and have used it for five years, not same one did change it the other month,
Thanks everybody once again,

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