Update Available over and over again :(

  malynx 19:12 24 Nov 2006

Each time I turn on my PC, a yellow Windows Security Center shield appears in the systray informing me that Windows Automatic Updates has one update ready to be installed.

Obviously I click the balloon to install and the following message appears:
"Windows is installing your update" (or words to that effect).

When I go to turn off my PC, there is an Automatic Updates shield sitting on the Turn Off button - denoting that there is an Update to be installed when I turn off.

When I turn off I am informed that Windows is installing one update.

Everything seems normaluntil I next turn on my PC, and there is the yellow shield saying there's an update ready to be installed again - EVERY time!

This update appears, ironically, to be the Malicious Software Removal Tool.

In my bids to resolve this, I've manually run Windows Updates.
It found, and I installed two updates:
the aforementioned Malicious S/w Removal Tool & IE7 (which I didn't really want).
I restarted my PC to complete the installation.

Unfortunately this didn't stop the yellow shield.

Full system scans with both Norton Anti-Virus and Windows Defender have failed to find a problem.

I have now turned off Windows Automatic Updates.
An unsatisfactory solution - but what can I do?

OS is XP Pro.
System Restore is disabled.

Thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:34 24 Nov 2006

Go into add/remove and uninstall it if it is there; then reboot, go to windowsupdate.com and rinstall it.

Then turn on auto updates.

  SLAYER 19:53 24 Nov 2006

I had the same thing, I was being nagged to update to IE7, I clicked on it and then clicked on custom where you can put a tick in a box to stop MS bothering you with the update.

  malynx 19:33 26 Nov 2006

Thanks for advice folks,

but sadly the problem persists :(

I couldn't remove the Malicious Software Removal Tool because it isn't listed in the Add/Remove Programs, nor the Add/Remove Components, sections of the Control Panel. (?).

I did try a manual update - which found IE7 and the said MSRT.
I clicked to install both.
IE7 has installed, no problem - so why hasn't MSRT?

I'm very frustrated - still continuing with Auto Updates turned off :(

  SLAYER 18:43 29 Nov 2006

I don't know if these will help,

click here

click here

  Legolas 18:58 29 Nov 2006

have you ticked the "show updates" box in Add/remove programmes

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