unzipped file but where is it please?

  buel 08:38 10 Oct 2009

Hi there, please can someone help me? I have downloaded a programme and unzipped it but cannot now locate the file. It says the file is unzipped to the following folder:

How do i get to this file/folder please?

  BT 08:42 10 Oct 2009

Click on your C drive, then Documents and Settings, then follow the rest of the file names.

I always find its better to change the location of the Unzip folder to the desktop. Makes it much easier to find.

  buel 09:26 10 Oct 2009

Thanks for that, phew, i've found it! The programme i have downloaded is a virtual game but unfortunately when i open the folder that has been unzipped there are just a bunch of icons such as 2 exe files, a set up programme, a 'set up.bat' file and various others. When i try to initiate the set ups or the exe's they dont open properly so im guessing that there may be some sort of programme i need to use to open/burn this a an actual working programme/game??

  buel 11:15 10 Oct 2009

Hi, thanks for that! Ok, i have a file called '3DSetup.exe' and when i double click it i get a box come up headed 'Select Graphics device' with the options 'Device selection' and 'Full screen modes' but when i click on any of the options and then click on 'OK'...nothing happens. Am i right in thinking that you can 'lump' these files on to a cd/dvd to get it working using Nero or something similar?
Ps-No programme in the start menu imk afraid!

  DieSse 11:30 10 Oct 2009

Unzip them again to a "proper" folder (make a folder on the C drive for them), not your Temp folder.

Then run the setup.bat and see if it works then. It should. Should meaning as long as any other requisites about your system configuration/specification are met.

Setup.bat will almost certainly be the main installation routine responsible for running all the other setup programs.

  buel 12:09 10 Oct 2009

Hi and thanks for that! Unfortunately when i double click the Setup.bat i get a brief small black box appear and then it disappears! Probably a duff programme do you think?

  woodchip 13:51 10 Oct 2009

Is the Game compatible with your Operating System? if not right click all exe files and change them to your OS

  buel 21:01 10 Oct 2009

Ooh...how would i do that then please Woodchip?

  woodchip 22:05 10 Oct 2009

When you Right Click on a File it gives option tabs look for a tab to Make Compatible, you should see a drop Down Box that you can change to the Operating System of Choice. It does not always work but sometimes it does

  buel 22:12 10 Oct 2009

Bugger! Unfortunately i do not get that option! However, i do get an option to 'Magic ISO-...add to image file', maybe worth trying?

  woodchip 22:16 10 Oct 2009

No that for creating a CD, unless it make the Game CD. So it may be worth a try. As it says ISO if you Have Nero Open it then look for Create ISO point it to the Files, These you should have in a Folder on there own. then burn the ISO to a CD and try running the CD after

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