unzip a file ?

  Ikelos 14:28 08 Apr 2006

hi, just downloaded a file, which was zipped, I used winzip to unzip it, it has landed up with the irfanview logo in front of it, i opened the program to use it, clicked browse, and it does not recognise it, what should it open with, instead of irfanview............thanks

  Devil Fish 14:37 08 Apr 2006

unzipped what file can you be a bit more specific

  Ikelos 14:43 08 Apr 2006

hi, i want to upgrade the firmware on my netgear adsl router DG834G VERSION2, so i downloaded the file, which was zipped, unzipped it using winzip, put it on the desktop, but when i try and put it into the upgrade panel it says it is wrong, as i said above it seems to have landed up as an image file, well, it has the irfanview logo in front of it..


  Devil Fish 15:03 08 Apr 2006

its probbably a bin file

just had a quick look the only thing i can suggest is download again as file may be corrupt

you need to install via upgrade panel in your routers gonfig screens

  terryf 18:22 08 Apr 2006

Curious why you are upgrading the firmware, I have a DG834 and I have been advised 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. Unless you have a specific problem that the firmware upgrade is going to fix and providing your router is working OK I would leave it. Go to the bottom of the setup screen and click on knowledge base and then go to user forums to see what others say

  Ikelos 19:19 08 Apr 2006

you are right, my better half says the same thing. it is working fine....and on hindsight I dont want it to all end in tears..thanks.

Devil Fish

thanks for the reply, my courage has gone, and it is leave well alone..

  terryf 09:06 09 Apr 2006

One tip, it is possible to backup the router settings (somewhere about the middle of the router menu) just in case and you can reload them if you have probs.

  Ikelos 09:47 09 Apr 2006

you have sown the seeds of doubt :-))

and talked me into leaving well alone, but thanks anyway..........

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