Unwanted/Unsolicited Promotional E Mails

  beanyboy 11:14 15 Sep 2006

Please excuse a second call for help.

I did not want to put this on the previous plea because they are are different subject.

Just recently however and currently going on , on a daily basis, I am receiving E Mails from Financial people (both Us and English)promoting Stocks and shares and including a lot of strange blurb .
They will not accept replies ie, when I try to reply telling them to stop sending them, I get a response the "The Postmaster " saying it can't be done.
I have Norton Internet Security and Norton Systemworks but these blessed
E Mails still get thru despite all that and the anti-spam thing.

Can anyhone help on this one please.

  VoG II 11:22 15 Sep 2006

Never reply to spam - it just confirms that the account is active and you will get more and more and more.

Try Mailwasher click here

  DieSse 13:17 15 Sep 2006

It's virtually impossible to stop them being sent. The best you can do is to delete them without downloading, or get an anti-spam or junk mail program.

None of the programs work 100%, and worse yet, you have to keep checking that you haven't had genuine emails wrongly identified as spam.

The best advice is to keep deleting them and don't get worked up about them - and don't reply to them.

I use Firefox, which has a reasonable junk mail filter built-in. It helps, but it's not perfect.

Some people like the Mailwasher approach - personally I prefer the FireFox one. But basically just use something that suits you, and live with the rest.

  StephenRogers 14:44 15 Sep 2006

so it's worth considering setting up a google email account.

I also use a 'disposable' email address for websites that ask for an email address but whom I don't actually want to receive emails from - don't know if it makes any difference.
Also always worth avoiding putting your email address on any websites.

  STREETWORK 21:56 15 Sep 2006

Who is your ISP? Can you check emails on their website?

  beanyboy 13:57 16 Sep 2006

Thankyou to those who replied. I have taken on board what you have said. I'll only come back if there is no improvement. Thanks again.

  DieSse 18:17 16 Sep 2006

*I use Firefox, which has a reasonable junk mail filter built-in*

Whoops, sorry - I actually use Thunderbird (from the same software organisation as FireFox) - which is what has the junk mail filter.

  deaco 22:09 16 Sep 2006

when you get the unwanted emails, just hilight them(ie click once) then goto messages at the top of the page then click on "block sender" It's a bit long winded but eventualy all the nasties will be blocked by outlook express..Hope this helps

  p;3 23:12 16 Sep 2006

if you opt to use mailwasher,please remember not to bounce mails ; doing so only clogs up an already very busy system; just mark them for deletion from server; you can easily educate the program ; I use it and really would not be without it now;

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