Unwanted Windows Update

  jack 12:14 12 Dec 2007

I keep getting the 'Install update' nag, whenever I close down.
Very often the only item in the panel is Windows Installer 3.1 which is not for my machine.
So how can I get rid?

  rawprawn 12:23 12 Dec 2007

What OS are you using?

  birdface 12:46 12 Dec 2007

If On XP I would imagine that you would need it for anything that you want to download in the future.I would think some programs will not download without it.If you decide that you don.t want it.Run Microsoft up-dates manually and when it shows click the plus sign on it,then there is a little square that you tick it will say don't show this in future.Or wording to that effect.And it will then be hidden,If you want to up-date it in the future you just go back in to hidden up-dates,And up-date it.

  jack 20:36 12 Dec 2007

XP Pro/
This item has been hanging around the update box for weeks and when auto updates take place, it finishes with ' Windows Installer 3.1 did not install' nag.
And there it is, causing the update routine to activate on close down- even when these is nothing new in.
Because it does not install I am assuming it is not needed for for my system.

  birdface 22:36 12 Dec 2007

jack I would imagine that you may need it.It is just not downloading.There was anothen 10 up-dates yesterday,Did they download Ok.

  jack 08:30 13 Dec 2007

All in but KB8898461 Windows installer is still there with 'Could not be installed'

Will send a note to MS see what they have to write

  brundle 08:34 13 Dec 2007

Try WURT click here and/or Dial-A-Fix click here
to repair the update components. It may solve the problem.

  brundle 08:36 13 Dec 2007

Maybe this too; click here

  jack 09:05 13 Dec 2007

Thank you all for those tips will work on it from there

  birdface 10:57 13 Dec 2007

Tracked this one down,Its over 2 years old.So why you are getting it now I don't know.click here Run it if it does not download.Do what I said earlier run Updates manually.and disable it.

  birdface 11:03 13 Dec 2007

Check the update number that you gave us,I think that you may have added an extra 8.it should be KB 898461 .Just make sure it is the correct one that I sent before you use it.

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