Unwanted Windows Messenger Update File

  Carronade 23:13 04 May 2004

For about the last 10 days every time I connect to the internet I have been invited to update Windows Messenger, which is not installed on my computer. Eventually I tried downloading the file, to delete it, but was unable to locate it. How can I get rid of the screen?

  Smegs 23:22 04 May 2004

click here not saying this is going to work.

  kspatto 23:33 04 May 2004

you might be getting messenger pop ups
try disabling the service to do this go to control panel-admin tools-services-double click on messenger then in service status select stop next choose disable as the start up type I know it sounds complicated but just follow the stages and its really simple

best of luck

  Carronade 23:49 04 May 2004

Thank you both for your help.

Smegs, I did as you suggested; after clicking on a notice "Adv INF install" with "(X) Error unregistering the OCX 16422" I got a very brief "Deleting Files" message. Starting up my computer again with OE, the damned message had disappeared.

I then found your message Kspatto.

My thanks again for your kind assistance.

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