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  Benid 16:15 13 Sep 2007

Only recetly I noiced an icon on my desktop which read MBS Accounts Manager.
I opened it and the screen read click here.
However, my Sitehound warned me not to enter.
As a result I deleted the screen and deleted the icon on the desktop.
Unfortunately the icon keeps returning to the desktop.
Can anyone tell me what MBS Accounts Manager is for and what it does? If it is not necessary, how do I delete it? Thanks

  holme 16:39 13 Sep 2007

I hate to be the one to say this, but try putting "MBS" in the Search forum window above. But you might first want to sit down... :-(

  tullie 16:40 13 Sep 2007

Have a look at links related to MBS.

  Lindburgh 16:44 13 Sep 2007

It is very important that you sit down as Home says
Below is my experiance:-
Microbilling systems Mbss32.exe The nasty one

You may similar to myself be infested with this filth and despite what you attempt it will no go away.
Every time that you boot-up this window opens saying that you owe money, despite the fact that you know that you do not, and further more it locks up your screen until you contact them and the longer that you attempt to ignore it the longer it locks up your screen

I did not intentionally acquire this bill, however similar to most I do get these porn sites occasionally hitting my screen and I become annoyed and quickly click them off I think that inadvertently I have clicked the wrong button this time ( Or maybe the site intentionally displays the wrong button Who knows ? )

This company is located in Leeds , West Yorkshire UK. Called UBS Ltd.
They have been reported to the Office of Fair Trading ( OFT ), yet they are still invading peoples computers.

Now I cannot claim credit for being able to tell you how to remove it that kudos goes to one fhiufhyrefyer at PC Advisor forum, all that I have done is update it and added more explanations.

The first thing that you must do is close your connection to the WEB

Open Internet Explorer
Go to :-
Tools > Manage Add-ons

In the box at the top click to open and select:-
Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer

Then scroll down to find anything which starts with mbs
My entry was :-

UBSauthenticate Control

High-light it and then at the bottom click on the Disable Radio button.
Please note that this does not delete the item! OK the window!

You will need to have the option in folder Options :-
"Show hidden files and folders"
You will also need to unselect the tick box for "Hide extensions for know file types".
This allows you to see the extension .exe and .dll etc that you be looking for.

To access this Go to :-
Control Panel > Folder Options > View
Then scroll down “ Hidden files and Folders”

The next step is to go to the drive where Windows resides ( Normally C:\ )
When there scroll down to System 32
In System 32 ensure that the view is “Details “ ( This is important for all the next steps )

  Lindburgh 16:45 13 Sep 2007

In system32 you are looking for these two files:-


Or as in my case :-

Now take careful note of the date and time that these files were installed on the PC.

Next click on the header bar to sort all of the files into date order when they were last modified. ( That is click the title Date )

Scroll down the date column and find that date which you noted .
You should see about 6 files i.e.:-

and the additional files were called:-

However, my experience produced different ones , the main one was:-
The additional were :-
Vico.ico ( Bak)

The TIME STAMP must be the same as the main one this ensures that you only pick the files that were installed with these two files!
Make a careful note of all the offending files and Log-off i.e. turn the computer off

When you reboot keep pressing F8 until the black screen appears with the options of booting displayed.
Choose to use ****** Safe Mode! *******

Log-on as Administrator

A warning window will display on the screen, ok this and allow it fully load!

Now open my computer (or explorer) as you did earlier, and go to the files which you found earlier!

Remember they are in :- C:\WINDOWS\system32

Do the routine to be able to see them with the TIME STAMP
Now unlike earlier you will be able to Select them and Delete them!

Start up msconfig by going to the start button on the desktop ( bottom left) and go to Run, in the box that appears, type msconfig and click ok.
A window will open, go to the start-up tab and un-tick the program identified as mbs...etc... OK that and allow the computer to reboot!

You can now delete the icon of the desktop and from the start-up menu from the start button.

Fhiufhyrefyer adds this codicil to his tip
This information has been given in good faith and it is your responsibility to do with it you see fit!
I accept no responsibility for any actions brought against you or third parties for use of the above information.

  Lindburgh 16:46 13 Sep 2007

Also there is an entry in the registry, and an MBS Account Icon on the Desktop.
Good Luck.

  Technotiger 17:07 13 Sep 2007
  Technotiger 17:09 13 Sep 2007

PS - follow fhiufhyrefyer's instructions.

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