Unwanted symbols on incoming messages

  Furkin 20:07 24 Sep 2006

Hi all,
I'm getting a strange anomaly on incoming e-mails.
When I send a page of typing to my Brother-in-law & he replies, he leaves my original message on there for reference.
The trouble is that when I get it back, some of my items have been changed to other symbols !
This is mainly the Pound (£) sign & apostrophe (‘) but it can be others.
He says that when he gets my original, it is fine,,,,,
(This was the word I’d = I’d. This was quote mark (“we know,,,) = “we know)
I’m half thinking that it has something to do with his OCR,,,,, at the moment, it only happens from him – on AOL B.Band.
Any ideas please ?

  STREETWORK 20:09 24 Sep 2006

Would he be in another country perhaps??

  VoG II 20:11 24 Sep 2006

Which e-mail clients do you both use?

  Furkin 21:51 24 Sep 2006

Nope - we are both in the same country & county.
I use Yahoo on B.T B.Band & he uses AOL B.Band.

  STREETWORK 22:09 24 Sep 2006

Send next email using plain text and ask for this to be returned in the same format...

  DieSse 23:25 24 Sep 2006

*I’m half thinking that it has something to do with his OCR*

OCR is not involved in the process and will have nothing to do with the problem. OCR is only used when scanning (as in using a scanner, not AV type scanning) documents and recognising text in them.

  Simsy 23:32 24 Sep 2006

"I’m half thinking that it has something to do with his OCR"... what DieSse says is correct... it has nothing to do with OCR...


When you say, "I send a page of typing", what do you mean, exactly?

If you are sending it as an image, (that you have perhaps scanned in from a book?), and having him OCR it using an automatic feature, then perhaps the results you are having are not unsurprising.

For OCR to be effective it requires a good image of accurate text... and a good OCR programme. Even then some manual correction is often neccessary!



  Furkin 00:40 25 Sep 2006

Sorry if I confused you all.
I just write an ordinary message in the 'message' field, & send it to him.
When I get his reply, (which contains my original message)the anomaly occurs.
Sorry that I mentioned OCR then,,, it's just that I thought something might be mis-reading some charactors.
When I send original - all o.k.
When he receives original - all o.k.
When he sends it back - all o.k.
When I receive it - problem !
Hope this makes better sense.
thanks again

  DieSse 01:23 25 Sep 2006

Have a look at example 3 here click here

If one one of you is using Word and copying the text into AOLs email - it can produce exactly this effect.

  Furkin 08:43 25 Sep 2006

Thanks DieSse,
That certainly shows the effect that I (we) are getting.
Whilst I do sometimes use Word - depending on what i'm doing,,, he dosn't get the effect when he opens it in AOL. It's only when I get it back that it's wrong.
Still,,, food for thought & some testing will be carried out.
I'll tick this as Resolved for the time being.
thanks to all readers

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