Unwanted shutdown

  JohnDG 09:39 15 Feb 2004

My sister-in-law's computer has started to switch off at irregular intervals (after 10 min/30 min)and it is only possible to switch back on after switching off at the main switch and back on again.
This is an instant switch off not a shutdown with a 'click' from the computer case.
The comp is a home build (by me),with a MSI Mobo and AMD XP200+ Cpu, 40 GB Hdd. It worked well for a few months, the CPU temp is registering about 58/61 C which seems hot to me, the BIOS warning is set to 70 C which is the highest setting.
The fan is seated well with heat compound and seems to work OK.
John Groves

  User-312386 09:43 15 Feb 2004

could you give us all the specs of the comp including all peripherals that have been fitted please

also could you give us what the motherboard temperature is, I have a XP2200 and my motherboard temp is 30 degrees although i did fit an additional fan after i put a graphics card in

  JohnDG 09:58 15 Feb 2004

Will have to check details, but as I remember the case temp registers as about 30+ C.
Hershas :- CDRW drive, CD Rom, modem, (on board graphics) it had 2 Hdds but one was removed yesterday to reduce the load on the PSU (350W), scanner, printer, Trust wireless kbd/mouse,4 port usb addon. I do not have access to the comp today so this is from memory. I brought the comp to my house yesterday and formatted HDD and re-installed ME and removed one Hdd, the comp ran for over 2 hours no problem. Returned to Sis in law who installed the other drivers and Freeserve when the comp started to swith off again, could this be a PSU fault? 350W seems OK for the setup

  JohnDG 11:11 16 Feb 2004

Sys temp is 34C, CPU temp is 60 C. Both seem too high? This is after appx 10 min with side cover off,I checked fan seating & silver compound all looks OK. Again it ran for near 2 hrs in my house but fault returned in her house........... is it possible that an uneven mains surge could cause this shutdown?

  keith-236785 11:50 16 Feb 2004

could be one of the peripherals that is connected ie...printer/scanner etc that is causing a problem.

try running the pc EXACTLY as it was at your house. then if it is ok, add things one at once.

this could be a slow process but patience may just pay off, it could just be a bad driver problem, it could even be the internet connection (freeserve) YUK, I HATE FREESERVE......

good luck

P.S my home built XP1800 system runs at

cpu 49-59 depending on load

case temp 29 - 32

so your temps arent so bad as to cause a worry.

and 350 watt PSU, is running DVD rom, cd rom, two hard drives (one 30 gig 5400rpm & one 80 gig 7200rpm), 512 ram, 128meg Graphic card...usb printer, usb Broadband modem, usb camera, usb graphic pad, + 1 extra case fan

  Indigo 1 12:02 16 Feb 2004

This might shed some light on PSU's click here the first couple of pages have enough relevant info to gauge the PSU's suitabilty.

  JohnDG 15:44 16 Feb 2004

I think maybe it is a RAM fault, yesterday a switchoff resulted in loss of SVGA graphics (onboard graphics).However she does use Freeserve (so do I!!) and she ran this morning for 45 min on net without problem, then it started, then switch off every 5/10 min. I will try without any addons and see what happens. Does a high temp affect the Mem seating? she has one strip 512M so I cant check as the only other RAM I have is in my comp. I have AMD XP 2200+ and runs at SYS Temp 35C cpu Temp 45/50c so hers does seem high unless sensor is faulty I built it for her and it has run without fault for 10 months until last week.
Thanks for help

  ensonricky 16:06 16 Feb 2004

I doubt if a memory problem is the culprit this case but you are not wrong in an attempt to exclude it as an issue. It would be quite unusual foe a memory problem to cause a spontaneous shutdown after a period of time as here. Such a problem would almost certainly presnt itself on boot up. Have you exluded the possibility of a virus? If not a virus I feel it is either a power problem or related to the high temperatures you are experiencing. Try another psu or consider uprating your processor fan if that does not work. Failing that it may be a motherboard problem.

  JohnDG 18:05 16 Feb 2004

I doubt if it is a virus as I formatted the HD and re-installed ME during the first days of the trouble, but the problem returned. Maybe the high temp is causing the RAM chip to move and breaking a connection, it does seem related to heat/time on. I think that I will have to strip it and rebuild and start with windows only and them add the drivers etc. and addons one at a time and see what happens, leaving it on for at least an hour between each move, and beg borrow ar steal another Ram chip! I'm geting lost for ideas now!!
Thanks for help anyway.

  ensonricky 18:47 16 Feb 2004

Regardless I strongly advise you to install an anti virus program if you do not have one already. A RAM problem with your symptoms is unlikely.

  eddie211uk 18:59 16 Feb 2004

could paperman elaborate on why freeserve can cause problems????
recently i have been experiencing shutdown problems also.....although my pc reboots when i shut it down .....then when i shut down again its ok ....also it runs at erratic speeds ...ie
from fast (as when i bought it )to slow as in like my old 500k6 with 128 ram...
this machine is an xp2000 with 512ddr running winxp home edition

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