Unwanted sex sites

  Siani 11:07 27 Apr 2005

I know this has come up a couple of times but the archives do not help me. My homepage is set to Wanadoo but everytime I open up internet I get pureseeker.com. Followed by 1on1, Sexpass, registry cleaner, and teensex to name just a few. Then explicit sex pictures pop up on the screen. I click the box that says no or the x and more pictures come up. I'm obviously scared to click yes. My phone keeps trying to dial a premium rate line but luckily when our bill got to £600 BT contacted us and now all calls are blocked. I have searched for these names but nothing comes up in the computer except what I've deleted in the recycle bin. I've got 2 young girls and this is getting distressing. Can anyone help please.

  Indigo 1 11:14 27 Apr 2005

You need to download som e Anti Malware products,

Which opereating system do you have ?

  Siani 11:20 27 Apr 2005

Thanks, I'm using Windows XP.

  Indigo 1 11:22 27 Apr 2005

I assume you have logged off but when you come back you will be able to download these. You will need them all for full protection.

click here

click here

click here

You must download, install AND UPDATE them before you run them and just let them delete all that they find, this will clear your PC of all them nasties.

If you have XP you can also use click here

Good luck

  Siani 11:33 27 Apr 2005

Thanks, I'm running adware now. So far we're up to 162 critical objects and still searching which can't be good. Can you help a bit more by telling me what I need to do to prevent them coming back.

  Indigo 1 11:39 27 Apr 2005

SpywareBlaster will stop them getting back in, the third link.

You must remeber to update them before you use them and run them at least once each month.

  dazza39 11:52 27 Apr 2005

Also a good anti-virus software,the latest Microsoft SP2 has a built in pop-up stopper as well.

  Jackcoms 12:01 27 Apr 2005


It looks as though your home page has been hijacked, so apart from the excellent advice already received, check your home page. I personally have mine set to About:Blank, I can then enter the url/address I want to go to rather than have somebody else dictate my opening content.

To change the home page, start the internet explorer, and from the Menu bar select Tools and then Internet Options. On the General tab you will see the options concerning the Home Page.

If you unplug from the telephone line before doing this then you will be saved the nuisance of further intrusions.


  Siani 12:02 27 Apr 2005

Thanks all, if it wasn't for you lot I don't think I could cope with having a computer at all.

Sorry, had not spotted that Wanadoo was already your home page, you could still try about:blank

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