Unwanted Pop Ups - HELP

  Charmy1 22:08 24 Dec 2006

I have a Packard Bell and would like to do a complete system restore - how do I do this?

  p;3 22:13 24 Dec 2006

do you think you have got an infection because of the pop ups or are you concerned with all the ads and pop ups on this site?

  Charmy1 22:28 24 Dec 2006

Thanks - no not worried about pop ups - but as soon as I remove them and scan again they are back, so I have been told that I need to clean the whole system back to factory settings as it most probably is a virus

  Charmy1 22:29 24 Dec 2006

The one I am unable to get rid of is called Nuven - Adware

  p;3 22:40 24 Dec 2006

what protection do you already have on your pc?

suggest try these

adaware from

click here
spybot from
click here
a squared
click here

try loading , updating and running each of those and see what they say; in a squared be aware thta it can give false positives; so ask before you delete anything from its scan;;also what antivirus program do you have?

  p;3 22:42 24 Dec 2006

ps; are you on dial up or broadband and do you use web mail or outlook or oe for your e mail client?

  p;3 22:54 24 Dec 2006

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

hopefully when you have loaded the adaware you should chose options that mean the program looks like this before you start the deep scan(if I have linked this right!)

  Charmy1 23:09 24 Dec 2006

I have BT Yahoo Anti-Spy, Norton Security and Ad-Aware SE Personaland Spybot. The Norton is unable to pick up this virus but the BT Yahoo Anti-Spy keeps finding it. (Dont ask me why I have them all)
I have BT Yahoo Broadband.
I just want to know how to Do FULL SYSTEM RECOVERY on the Packard Bell Pentium 4

  Charmy1 23:12 24 Dec 2006

Keep getting these pop ups which says 'Security Alert: Spyware founds' computer infected with last version of PSW.x-Vir trojan - telling me to buy/download their anti-virus pack

  p;3 23:19 24 Dec 2006

the a squared program picks up a lot of nasties

you can also try the stinger program

click here

the exe is here
click here

suggest do NOT go near the pop up thing you keep getting nor download anything from it; run all the scans

I think someone who is running a windows version who can navigate you to the restore facility might be along soon; I am not at present on that machine so cannot recall the navigation

so; of interest, you will not have set any restore points?

  p;3 23:22 24 Dec 2006

click here?

you could also try a trend housecall scan from here,; this link goes direct to the european site (assuming you are in England, UK);see what that scan tells you

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