Unwanted pause between each copy of a print job

  trekian 15:52 22 Oct 2008

My Epson Aculaser 1100 pauses between each page of a job. For example, I print 30 copies of a 16kb spreadsheet which covers one A4 page. Between each page of the job the machine chunters for 5-6 seconds before outputting the next copy. I would normally expect the machine to print each copy almost immediately after the previous one. Any ideas? I have the spool settings adjusted to print as soon as possible. Thanks

  Border View 16:31 22 Oct 2008

My Canon sometimes pauses between pages with the message that its waiting for the ink to dry on the last page. Sounds strange but its true.

  Condom 18:15 22 Oct 2008

This used to be a very common occurrence on older ink jet printers (particularly Canon as I believe they used a slightly differnet process) to allow the ink to dry complstely before a second page was put on top on the out tray. Inks have improved since then and I can't say I have heard of a similar problem recently. Other causes might be lack of memory on your PC or even in some older printers or USB 1 ports rather than USB 2 which pass information between printer and PC much slower. Could also be a driver problem if you are using an old or the wrong driver but without further information about your set up I'd be mainly guessing.

  Condom 21:55 22 Oct 2008

Please ignore my ramblings about inkjet printers as you clearly have a laser printer. Bad hair day or something. However my other comments might still be worth looking at.

  Pesala 18:59 23 Oct 2008

Try this:

Publish to PDF and print from Adobe Reader, and see if that has the same problem.

  trekian 10:15 27 Oct 2008

Thanks for the input. So far no resolution to the problem. PDF still pauses between each page. Could it be that the drum is overheationg and therefore some safety delay is put in place? Any ideas?



  Pesala 22:57 27 Oct 2008

Only guessing here, but have a look for loose connections. Maybe the toner unit not properly seated in its socket so the lid is not closed properly. Do a general clean up of the insides, but be careful — toner is cancer causing. Do it in a well ventilated area. Dont use a vacuum cleaner for toner. Wipe it up with soft tissue.

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