Unwanted OBJECT in Excel

  westwit 10:55 28 Nov 2008

I regularly download statements from my online bank account into an Excel spreadsheet for archiving and analysis purposes. The downloads are in .csv format which are then pasted into the spreadsheet ("paste special | values" in order to preserve the spreadsheet formatting). On completion of the paste I am put back to the IE download page from where I exit back to the online statement. On returning to the spreadsheet there is always a new blank OBJECT showing in Excel, with my spreadsheet now minmised. So I have to delete the new OBJECT and restore up my spreadsheet to full size.

Does anyone know why this happens and if there is anything I can do about it?

I run Windows XP SP2, MS Office 2003 and IE7.

  VoG II 12:11 28 Nov 2008

I'm not sure but you should be able to open a .csv file directly in excel without copying and pasting.

  westwit 12:25 28 Nov 2008

Thanks VoG. What happens is that the data appears on a new IE page in Excel format, looking just like a spreadsheet. I have to copy this data into my specific 'bank statement' spreadsheet on my hard drive, which is formatted etc and already contains all previous statement entries. It's after this process that I end up with the unwanted object in my spreadsheet.

This doesn't happen when doing a similar data download of portfolio data from MoneyExtra into Excel, so perhaps it's just a LloydsTSB programming glitch?

  VoG II 12:30 28 Nov 2008

What sort of an object is it? If it is a shape then click on it and its name should be displayed in the Address bar (where the current cell address is normally shown). Or if it is like a hieroglyphic it may simply be an undisplayable character (like a carriage return).

  westwit 14:29 28 Nov 2008

It's a blank spreadsheet called "Object".

  VoG II 14:33 28 Nov 2008

Oh I see - but I don't know how to stop it.

If you are really concerned you could ask at MrExcel click here

  westwit 16:39 28 Nov 2008

I'll have a go. If I get an answer I'll report back. Thanks for your help VoG.

  Rahere 17:40 28 Nov 2008

'It's a blank spreadsheet called "Object" '

You don't need to paste a .csv file into a spreadsheet As VoG™ says you should be able to open the downloaded file in Excel without involving IE. When you download are you choosing the option to open the file as you download rather than save it to your pc and then open?

Re Object
Do you mean that there's a seperate spreadsheet or does this object float over the rest of the text? the latter could be a logo or a link to TSB

  westwit 18:05 28 Nov 2008

I'm obviously not making myself clear! I know I can open a downloaded csv file directly in Excel, but I need to append the downloaded data (several days worth of bank transactions) into my existing Excel archive; the data just gets added to the bottom as more rows. So I need to copy and paste it into the archive Bank Statemment spreadsheet.

When I click on 'download statement' in the online banking's statement page I get a dialogue box asking me whether I want to open or save the file. I click on 'open' and get a new page in IE containing a spreadsheet with the data in it. From here I select the data I need and copy and paste it into my archive spreadsheet.

As soon as I click on the paste button I am returned to the IE spreadsheet page, where my selected data is now surrounded by a flashing dotted line. Hitting ENTER or ESC returns me to the online banking statement page.

Now I go to my Excel archive spreadsheet and find the unwanted blank sheet named 'object' sitting at the front. Behind it, and reduced in size, is my archive spreadsheet with the new data all correct. I close the blank 'object' sheet and restore my archive sheet to full size and Bob's your uncle.

It's not a huge problem, just a minor annoyance, and I simply wondered if anyone knew why it happens.

btw the last two times I downloaded statement data I couldn't reproduce this problem, so maybe the power of thought of you guys has frightened it away!

  Rahere 18:14 28 Nov 2008

Thanks for the clarification - you wrote a very clear description.

I think what is happening is that you cannot paste the data from IE without bringing a whole lot of html code with it - the cleanest solution is to download and save as a .csv file rather than open the file in a browser. Once downloaded open the .csv file then paste contents using paste special.

I note that you seem to have solved the issue now - my suggestion is a little longer but a useful fallback for you in case the problem appears again

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