Unwanted Lines in MS Word Doc

  dregn 06:43 16 Aug 2005

My wife is working on a long teaching plan and is beset with a formatting problem.
Every time she inserts 'bullet points' a horizontal line appears across the page.
When she switches on 'Reveal Formatting' it is easy enough to get rid of the line but she would like to stop it happening in the first place.
We have been through all the options available but have not found anything relevant.
Any ideas, please.

  Taff36 07:07 16 Aug 2005

Which version of Word? In Word 2002 - highlight the bullet point row Format>Bullets and Numbering. You should see the current type of bullet highlighted then go customise.

You may also have a paragraph formatting problem attached to this. Have a look at paragraph formatting as well. If nothing is obvious try putting in a couple of extra carriage returns and then delete the last one on the page. Now format the paragraph again as you want it. Choose the Style drop down box and see what it says - it may give you a clue.

  stlucia 12:47 16 Aug 2005

Format > Borders and Shading has, at the right hand side of the Borders tab, an option to draw a line (or box) at the end of each paragraph, or around text. This might be what's doing it.

  dregn 14:26 17 Aug 2005

Thankyou for your advice, it would appear that the situation is now resolved

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