unwanted left double click

  apianglo 01:50 31 Mar 2010

Hi,you all know i`m here to ask for help so I`ll cut to the quick. My computer has developed the ability to count a single left mouse click as a double click. So if I want to go back a web page it goes back two, or if I want to highlight something it opens a different function instead. All things needing just a single click are treated as though I`ve done a double. At first I thought it was the mouse, but I`ve tried two others with the same result. Please help ( You`ve never let me down before so here`s hoping) I`m currently using Windows 7 If that makes a difference. Thank for reading

  birdface 08:10 31 Mar 2010

Have you tried Mouse in control panel.
It has a slider you can adjust.
Mine is set slightly to the right of center.
Not sure if it will work or not but worth a look I suppose.

  dogbreath1 08:11 31 Mar 2010

The mouse is probably set to open files on single click. Try reverting to double click.

Control Panel>Folder Options>General Tab>Double Click To Open An Item (tick)

[This is per XP, but I'm sure it won't be too different in 7]

  apianglo 19:13 31 Mar 2010

Thanks for your replies: dogbreath1 I`ve checked the settings you`ve given & they already apply.
buteman, It took me a while to find mouse in the control panel but did succede, i`ve moved pointer to the left (slow) to see if that helps ,if not I`ll try taking it tother way, I`ll let you know.

  Sea Urchin 19:47 31 Mar 2010

The slider on the Mouse simply adjusts the interval between the two clicks - so has no effect on single/double clicking.

It's much more likely to be the settings as per dogbreath1's post. Try going to Folder Options and set it to Single click - then Apply and OK. Then open again (should only need 1 click to open) and reset to Double Click - Apply and OK.

If that doesn't work then does your mouse have a driver disk? If so try reinstalling. But perhaps first try another mouse - you may just need a new one.

  apianglo 18:28 03 Apr 2010

Thanks to all that responded to my call for help. I`ve tried the various things you have suggested & imust admit things have improved but not yet cured, I`ll repeat the dosage in hope. Once again thank you very much

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