unwanted file wont delete

  westdudes 15:27 04 May 2004

hi i have a file on my computer, i have no idea how it got there.maybe the kids downloaded it but anywayz.

windows xp wont allow me to delete it via right clicking and delete.it says its being used by another program (even in safe mode it wont disapear and says the same thing) windows xp reads it as a video clip (makes me suspicious when i read that grrr but i cant confirm anything because it wont play)

so anyideas?ive tried closing everything down except vital system functions to delete it but it still says it being used by another program

thanks for any help.....dont want the missus to find out.she prob think its me thats been naughty :S

  cycoze 15:33 04 May 2004

If its an AVI file try click here , or try Dr. Delete from click here will delete most things .

  keith-236785 15:39 04 May 2004

the way to delete this is through good old DOS,

as you know (you might not do but are about to learn) windows XP does not have dos.....

so first thing to do is get an old win98 startup floppy disk (if you dont have one, click here and download a win98SE startup disk, once downloaded put a blank floppy in the drive & double click the win98 file that you have just downloaded)

next, leave the floppy in the drive, WRITE DOWN the full location of the offending file ie. C:Windows/system32/pornclip.avi (this is obviously made up but hopefully you get the jist)

once you have a note of the exact file path you shutdown & restart your pc, hopefully the floppy disk will boot up (if not you will need to alter the boot sequence in your bios so floppy drive boots first)

when you get the menu, choose:-

start without cdrom support

once you have the prompt A:>

type c: +press enter, prompt will change to C:>

then type

cd windows +press enter

then type

cd system32 +press enter

then type delete pornclip.avi

that should get rid of the file for you.

please note that DOS has a limit of 8 characters, so if the file is in My Documents, it will appear as My Docum~1, if you get stuck, type dir/w/p and it will show you all the files and directories on the chosen drive/folder.

if you need more help, come back and i will try again

  keith-236785 15:45 04 May 2004

having just re-read your posting, have you checked for virus/trojan infection?

you say you tried to run the file.......a good way to infect your system, consider yourself handslapped. lol

do a virus scan, and if you dont have a trojan checker...click here and download the 30 day trial, install and run a complete scan of all hard drives/partitions.

if you dont have an anti-virus package then click here and download AVG (its free).

good luck

  keith-236785 15:47 04 May 2004

Would you like to explain what solved this, i just noticed it was ticked as resolved

  westdudes 21:04 04 May 2004

i used the regedit to delete a certain file which caused the problem. the link for the technique was indicated by cycoze (the first link he said)

thanks everyone who replied :)

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