unwanted emails

  pete. 22:48 29 Jun 2008

hi i keep all of a sudden getting 10 to 15 emails in my large email from msnbc.com how can i stop these from coming cheers pete.

  Fried~Chips 22:56 29 Jun 2008

I would just open up one of the emaill as they are safe (From Microsoft servers) look at the bottom of the email for unsubscribe or remove my email option, it will be in small lettering.

  pete. 00:05 30 Jun 2008

hi there is no unsubscribe at the bottom i didnt subscribe in the first place, i dont understand remove my email option.

  pete. 10:07 30 Jun 2008

hi have found problem it was my rss feeds the unwanted email feed was set in rss so i removed it know emails stopped cheers pete.

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