Unwanted "E" Mails

  Bingalau 13:20 30 Jun 2005

I seem to be getting unwanted and unasked for "e" mails. Can I get rid of them without opening them? I would like a simple answer please as maybe I should have posted this in the new complete beginners area. I know I did know once how to delete them without opening but I am getting more forgetful every day.... Bingalau

  stalion 13:25 30 Jun 2005

This program enables you to check and delete your unwanted emails on the server.Do not use the bounce facility it only confirms your email address and gives you more unwanted emails
click here

  p;3 13:37 30 Jun 2005

I have that here too(after nudges from other members!); brilliant program for deleting and blacklisting on server; you can also preview the message via this program if you are in doubt about its authenticity::))

  Bingalau 13:46 30 Jun 2005

Stalion...Thanks .. I am off out for the afternoon and will get onto the site as soon as I get home...I am stuck for time right now...May want to ask you some questions when I get back..Bingalau

  Bingalau 13:47 30 Jun 2005

Thanks also to p;3

  nd33cfc 14:04 30 Jun 2005

Would i be correct in assuming you are using "Outlook Express" and when you go to your inbox, the first e-mail is opened automatically ?
If so, i had that problem a long time ago and got it changed. Now i need to double click on a message in order to open it.
If i remember correctly, this is what i did...
In "Outlook Express" click on tools-options and then select the "Read" tab. Then uncheck the box which reads "Automaticaly download message when viewing the preview pane".
I think that is correct. Please correct me if i am wrong anyone.

I hope this helps you Bingalau.
Good luck.

  p;3 14:33 30 Jun 2005

assuming you are using outlook express for your mails? if you do use the mailwasher you can then check the mails on server before they get anywhere near your machine, then check to see the content by previewing them; then chuck out and blacklist from server just by ticking two boxes in the mailwasher program; you do not have to go anywhere near your server to chuck them!

  palinka 09:41 01 Jul 2005

This is what I do to read emails without opening them - as far as I know it works and you don't need any extra software:

(first though, you should have "preview pane" switched off. Do this from Outlook Express by clicking on View, then Layout, then remove the tick beside "Show Preview Pane". Now you will open all emails by double clicking on the "From/Subject " line.

Having done all that, when a mail you're suspicious about arrives, RIGHT click it, then left click on Properties in the menu that appears, then Details tab and then Message Source. By scrolling down you can read the entire message and as far as I know that doesn't "open " the email.

  recap 10:06 01 Jul 2005

One other thing, if you are using Outlook Express, if you have got the preview pane open closeit. Having the preview pane open will automatically open the first email in your inbox.

To close the Preview Pane in OE, go to View/Layout/Preview Pane and take the tick out of the box.

  p;3 10:08 01 Jul 2005

click here you might find this thread of mine useful to read;
if you download mails into OE they are then on your pc; if you preview them on server via the mailwasher you can then see the full message, check to see if it is spam or not, then delete from server without it getting anywhere near your machine with subsequent possible infections; if you accidentally click the wrong thing on an infected or spam mail and it opens in your machine, you are too late ; best thing, in my view, is check on server and chuck from there; I find it works very well for me since I was converted to using OE by some gentle persuation of some forum members :))

bingalau; I think if you use mailwasher you might be pleasantly surprised with its effects and ease of use, as I was ; and seems to have reduced my spam (famous last words!)

  Bingalau 11:02 01 Jul 2005

Many thanks to all the respondents to this thread. I have only just switched on my computer after going on my weekly day out boozing. I will now start to follow all the advice given so freely and so swiftly. I will also click on "Resolved" knowing I can come back later if necessary...Once more to all you good people out there "THANKS"...Bingalau...

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