unwanted e-mail

  Shagrin1 16:14 17 Feb 2003

I have kept my Aol address for private e-mails and given my Supanet address to commercial and business work.
However I am plagued every day on AOL by adverts offering me penis enlargements. I have never asked for these and I am sick to death of them, they seem to have different addresses on them each time they appear so I can't get them on my blacklist. Is this some sort of sick virus? My wife has just started to use e-mail and finds this embarrassing. I have approached AOL but there is no way of blocking e-mails with unacceptable words in their title. Any suggestions how to get rid. Is there a program that will send back 10,000 e-mails to swamp the offending sites. Ps I dont need their services, Quite happy as I am Shagrin

Any of the current antispam software progs wil be able to filter out this kind of rubbish.I don't use AOL myself so I don't know which progs work with there browser.SEnding back e-mails to offending sites is nigh on immpossible as they do not use real addresses and usually go through a proxy. what ever you do DO NOT register to unsubscribe because this tells them that they are sending to a live e-mail address.


  Diemmess 17:14 17 Feb 2003

I have only ever used Aol but luckier than you i seem so far to be unused by spammers, even though I have various attacks with virus stuff every now and then.
Following the good advice already given for a start, do check MSCONFIG for any programmes which may have installed themselves somewhere

Having a passion to keep my computer as clear as possible of all unwanted stuff, I do the following quite often.

(1)Control Panel > Internet options> clear history and View files, select all (include cookies).

(2)An ageing copy of Uninstaller will still find more cookies for me and clear those as well as the Recycle Bin.

(3) The Aol bit. Find in My Computer > Aol> Organise. In there you will find your screen name and I think 6 others starting with your screen name but having subscripts ABI ABY ARL and others.
Leave the plain screen name file alone please!!! but delete the others.
Aol will re-create those files very quickly but from a clean base.

  cdb 17:32 17 Feb 2003

If it's any consolation Shagrin, within about 30mins of me setting up my mum on AOL, she started getting the same porn through.

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