Unwanted Dialers and pop up's

  Night Ryder 19:56 24 Apr 2004

I recently re-installed Windows XP on my system,
as I do periodicaly when the system becomes slow.
I have virus software installed and also have a
pop up blocker on the system.
With anoying regularity two things happen when
I'm on line. A window appears in the middle of
the screen offering me access to an adult site.
This window cannot be ignored as if I select no,
use the close button or even if do nothing
another window opens filling the whole screen.
The whole area is white with no detail or close
button. My quick fix at this piont is to
CTL-ALT-DEL and force the sut down of this window
in task manager.
The other thing that happens is that my network
connection will be abruptly shut down, At this
point I am unable to redial (port already in use).
There is no connection in this state however I
notice a new icon in the task bar called "1on1",
a new icon on the desktop with the same name and
a file in the WINNT directory called "1on1.exe".
To fix this I close the icon in the task bar and
delete both the icon on the desktop and the file
in the WINNT directory.
I've never experienced this problem with such
severity or frequency before. The fixes I use are
all very well and everything is working again
until it happens again.
Simple things like picking up mail have become
more like an assult corse. Pleas, has anyone
experienced this kind of thing and perhaps knows
how to stop it.

  VoG II 19:58 24 Apr 2004

Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here

Download, update and run.

  mikef. 20:28 24 Apr 2004

+ click here which should stop them being installed in the first place and get a firewall to stop it ringing home without you knowledge

  Night Ryder 20:38 24 Apr 2004

Should have mentioned, I'm using Windows XP's firewall. Is this sufficient?

  Bapou 20:50 24 Apr 2004

Not really but it's more important you follow Vog and mikef's advice.

For a more efficient firewall download Zone Alarm free version.

  mikef. 23:02 24 Apr 2004

As Bapou said you need a better firewall at the moment XP's, it will change with SP2 later on this year, only blocks incoming and you will not know about anything trying to dial out. I use zone alarm free but others recomend other free ones.

  musicman19 05:52 25 Apr 2004

I'd suggest you also ask your phone co to set up premium rate blocking on your phone line.then even if one installs itself it can't dial out and your connection drops but at least it won't cost you anything.

  Night Ryder 23:18 02 May 2004

Thanks all, I think I know what needs to be done now.

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