Unwanted Advert popups

  osben 09:36 16 Jul 2005


I have IE6 popup setting to high and Adaware setting to high with popup blocking turned on.

Recently I seem to be getting a good deal of on popup adverts comming up including one called Gamble.com fow some reason

I regularly run spybot and Adaware and have AdWatch running all the time.

Can anyone suggest a reason for this and how I can resolve it.


  VoG II 09:37 16 Jul 2005

Are these Messenger Service pop-ups? click here

  osben 06:48 17 Jul 2005

Hi VoG™

No they are not Messenger popups, I have that turned off.

These appear when I visit different sites.

The Gambling.com one I refered to previously, is on screen behind the browser screen so that when I close IE down, it is jsut sitting there.

The others just crop up like the Sony add when I go to sites like The Daily Telegraph etc.


  VoG II 09:06 17 Jul 2005

Very odd. I am a regular visitor to the Telegraph site (I am a crossword addict) and I have never seen a single pop-up there. In fact I've just disabled the Google toolbar pop-up stopper on that site and still do not see any pop-ups.

If you don't already have it, try AntiSpyware click here

  osben 09:16 17 Jul 2005


Yes it is odd. As I said, I have been using MS Anti-spyware since it became available as well as AdaWare, AdWatch monitoring, Spybot and Spyware Blaster. All up to date and run regularly.

I've even looked through my registry for anything that may have escaped them.

Thanks anyway

  VoG II 09:18 17 Jul 2005

Do you see a pop-up on this site click here (it is perfectly safe).

  johnnyrocker 09:21 17 Jul 2005

you dont appear to have an actual pop up stopper on your system try click here excellent product and works every time for me


  osben 14:24 17 Jul 2005


VoG™ - Yes at the top. "Evanzo Website Hosting"

johnnyrocker - I have the popup blocker with IE6 set at high. Surley I don't need another as well??

Funny thing is, when I put my curser over the popup blocker icon at the bottom of the screen it says "popups were allowed" even though I have the setting at "high: block all popups"


  VoG II 14:30 17 Jul 2005

If you get the pop-up on the Spybot site there is something amiss with your settings. The XP SP2 pop-up blocker should easily stop this.

  osben 16:08 18 Jul 2005


VoG™ - I went also onto Spybot's site myself and not via your link. I did not get the popup which I get when I use your link. Why do you think that is?

I read somewher that what I am saying is popups is in fact "fly-in" ads.

Do you know if these can be stopped or are they just part of a website's setup ad we have to live with them.

Lastly if my IE popup stopper is not working properly even though the settings say it is set for high, how do I repair it. I have XP SP2 installed with all updates.


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