Unviewable Jpegs

  JimX 20:25 12 Aug 2005

I have a lot of photographs stored in various folders as jpegs (with XP Pro). Now all the thumbnails have disappeared. If I try to view a photo in Picture and Fax Viewer I get "No preview available". If I use Paint I get "This is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported". If I save one of these files to a floppy and try to view it I get the same thing, but new jpegs saved to the c: drive are fine.

After looking at some related threads I did an error-checking exercise (My Computer, right click on C: drive, Properties, Tools). This looked promising - text appeared saying something like "Windows has replaced a bad cluster" for every jpeg - but the problem is still there. The only difference is that each folder now contains a new file called "Thumbs".

This all started when I tried to back up the files to a DVD-R. Windows created a temporary file ready to transfer but couldn't recognise the disc. I gave up, deleted the temp file, went back to the main Pictures folder and noticed two odd files that hadn't been there before. One might have been called Thumbs. I deleted them, which is when the trouble began.

Sorry to go on. All suggestions gratefully received.


  johnnyrocker 20:40 12 Aug 2005

you could always try system restore to before when you started working with them or click here and work with them using this


  JimX 21:17 12 Aug 2005

Thanks, but I'd tried system restore and it didn't help. Downloaded IrfanView but it just says "Can't read file header. Unknown file format."

  johnnyrocker 00:06 13 Aug 2005

it would appear from reading previous posts/solutions one can d/load a product called iso buster which may help dont know where to find it but a google search may help


  rawprawn 08:16 13 Aug 2005

click here Best one I know, it has never let me down

  mattyc_92 09:29 13 Aug 2005

I had this problem, and the only way I could reslove it was to change the file format.

Have tried this? (you will need to go to "Tools->Folder Options->View" and untick "Hide extensions for known types" and click OK. Now just rename the image but include ".bmp" or ".png", etc...)

  JimX 11:09 13 Aug 2005

johnnyrocker - isobuster seems to be for recovering files from CDs, but mine didn't make it that far.

rawprawn - if I try to use this one to recover the files to a CD, it just tells me an "unexpected error" has occurred.

mattyc_92 - doesn't matter what I change the file format to, I still get "no preview available".

Doesn't look too good, does it? That's what I get for trying to back up...

  JimX 08:12 14 Aug 2005


  rfred 12:29 14 Aug 2005

Try using that program. It seems to cope with some of those problem pictures and then when you see them the program lets you rename them


  lotvic 12:36 14 Aug 2005

If you want I will have a go at opening one of them. Check your Yellow envelope and let me know if you want to, then I will respond and give you my email addy to send it to.

  rawprawn 13:27 14 Aug 2005

Don't try to recover them to a CD, us another drive if you have one (Slave) or recover to a different file in My Docoments. Create one if you want.

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