unview status bar firefox 4?

  Im a diddy 09:55 23 Mar 2011

Cant see how to do it,used to be view>untick status bar.

  birdface 09:56 23 Mar 2011

View.Toolbars.Add on Bar.
They just changed the name of it.

  Im a diddy 10:05 23 Mar 2011

nope thats not it,its now a bar left hand side that has the page info Ie transferring /reading data from bpcadvisor.com etc or whatever page your transferring to.

  Woolwell 10:26 23 Mar 2011

It's not the status bar but url preview which shows urls as a pop up when you hover over links and also shows the page loading. The way out seems to be to use the Status Bar add-on click here

  Im a diddy 10:51 23 Mar 2011

ok,thanks used to get rid of it via untick status bar.
Sorry for confusion.The add on did the trick.

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