Unusually Wide Posts

  provider 2 16:27 21 Apr 2008

Is it just me or do some posts that appear here and on other PC Advisor forums extend from the normal left position, all the way under the column of ads on the right and out the other side?

I`ve noticed it several times, often from people using Vista but that may be just a coincidence.

On this page, Florio`s post "75% of internet sites don`t open on first attempt" extends all the way across.

XP Sp 2, AOL browser.

  Ditch999 16:30 21 Apr 2008

I created one of them by accident one day. It happens if you post a long string of text, say a web address, which extends right across the page (and further in my case)

  rossgolf 16:30 21 Apr 2008

fine here

  provider 2 16:41 21 Apr 2008

Strange. I thought it might be caused by a longer than usual subject title but apparently not. It`s the only one on this page that is wider than the others.

Also it loads first, full width, then the Google ads appear a fraction of a second later, overlaying it.

  Technotiger 19:48 21 Apr 2008

It is usually caused by either a very long URL, or by a long string of joined-up text.

Long URLs can be overcome by using Tiny URL click here

  provider 2 22:43 21 Apr 2008

I was thinking that might be it. However, I notice page 2 of Florio`s post is normal in both AOL browser and IE7, and that he has not used either of those in his original post.

The only difference seems to be the use of the % sign. Could this have made the page widen to accommodate the text?

  Technotiger 22:46 21 Apr 2008

I don't think the % sign has any effect on the page width.

  provider 2 22:50 21 Apr 2008


Still a mystery, then. Not terribly important but irritating, all the same and I don`t have a clue what`s causing it.

  Stuartli 23:44 21 Apr 2008

It's not a mystery - it's normally caused by overlong links.

  Stuartli 23:45 21 Apr 2008

I could prove the point, but I don't think that the FE would be too impressed......:-(

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