Unusual start up

  EJ1947 11:28 01 Oct 2005

Hi, can anyone explain this, First thing in the day when I switch on nothing boots up - sound of fans running or maybe hard drive running and thats all - no beeps and a completely black screen. After a minute or two I switch off at mains and back on again boot up and all is normal and running perfectly.
If I switch off during the day then back on again after say a couple of hours it boots first time.
Running XP home 1.8 AMD system.
Any advice on what might be worth checking wellcome.

  Eric10 11:34 01 Oct 2005

I had the same thing a while back and it turned out to be a problem in the Power Supply Unit. Fitted new PSU and the problem went away.

  EJ1947 11:39 01 Oct 2005

Thanks Eric10.
If it was power unit why would it only happen once at the first switch on then run OK all day?

  Eric10 11:59 01 Oct 2005

That is why the PSU was the last thing I tried. It gives out various voltages (both positive and negative) so I think that it may have been just one of these that was below specification or was failing. Your problem may not have the same cause as mine but don't rule it out if you don't find another solution.

  EJ1947 12:09 01 Oct 2005

Will bear your advice in mind if it gets any worse. Not something I would have thought of. Cheers

  johnnyrocker 12:17 01 Oct 2005

if it is the psu a faulty capacitor on one of the supply lines would give this effect because it is likely to be a start up capacitor and once warmed will contiue to work until such time as it fully cools again, if you are anyways technical you could try a troubleshoot on the various supply rails and track it down.


  EJ1947 12:23 01 Oct 2005

I'll give it a go thanks.

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